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Lots of Love Movie Review


Check out the Review of 'Lots of Love' Starring Dr. Viswanand Patar, Adya, Nihant, Divya, Rajesh, Bhavana  Directed and Produced by Dr. Vishwanand Patar .Vishwa Composed Music  Dr. B.K. Kiran Kumar Is the executive producer Murali ,Nagesh, Kumar handled Cinematography  Srinivas and  Nagireddy did editing


Time when corona is in peak stage. Manohar (Vishwanand Patar) is a doctor who can't bear to see people struggling for lack of beds, oxygen cylinders and medicines and wants to do anything for them. But he doesn't have enough money to do what he wants. Manohar, who serves people by treating them for a nominal fee, gets into debt. And how he fullfilled his dream ? How did the love between him and the school teacher Sarita (Adya) develop? How did that love go to marriage? 

Rakesh (Nihant) who is going to college in a bus falls in love with manoja (Divya) 

But their parents do not agree to their love. What is the reason for that?

An orphan Raju (Rajesh) works hard and gets a job in a big name company. He loves and wants to marry Rajini (Bhavana) who is the reason for his success. But Rajini's family does not agree to the marriage as Raju is an orphan. And how did they marriage ? And what is the reason behind Raju becoming orphan

What is the relationship between Swamiji (Kiran) who preaches philosophy and Samyukta (Madhavi) an NGO who helps whoever is in trouble?

The combination of all the mentioned four stories forms the main story of 'Lots of Love'.


In this segment we must appreciate 

Dr. Viswanand Patar who handled multiple crafts  of the film as director actor producer given his best  as an actor his role is crucial in the film and his  performance is good he has done proper justification to Manohar role .Sarita role also came out very well adya has done decent job .Nihant Divya Kiran Madhavi and rest of the cast has given their best 

Technical Aspects 

In this segment also we should appreciate Dr. Viswanand Patar for handling multiple crafts he has done ultimate job as actor director producer his Narration is good the combination of 4 stories came out very well. Vishwa Music is good and an added asset Cinematography is top notch Editing is good .Production values are perfect rest of the crew has given their best 


On whole Lots of Love is a decent and engaging film  don't miss go watch and enjoy 

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3.25/5

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