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ZEE5 original series 'Loser 2' celebrates pre-release event

 ZEE5 original series 'Loser 2' celebrates pre-release event

*The original will stream from January 21*

Hyderabad, 17 January, 2022: 'Loser', the ZEE5 original released in 2020, has been considered a memorable series by the viewers. ZEE5 is now coming out with its sequel. ZEE5, which has been synonymous with versatile content and a variety of formats (web series, direct-to-digital releases, new movies), is more than an OTT platform. It has been bringing out novel content from time to time. 'Loser', which belongs to the sports drama genre, has been a special hit. Starring Priyadarshi, Dhanya Balakrishnan, Kalpika Ganesh, Sashank, Pavani Gangireddy, Harshith Reddy in the lead, the ZEE5 original titled 'Loser 2' is a sequel to 'Loser'. Directed by Abhilash Reddy of 'Loser' and Shravan Madala, the series has been created by Abhilash Reddy himself. ZEE5, Annapurna Studios and Spectrum Media Networks have come together for the project. Its pre-release event was held today at a star hotel in Hyderabad in the presence of Akkineni Nagarjuna and other guests.

Speaking on the occasion, ZEE5 Marketing Director Lloyd Xavier said, "We are happy to have associated with Annapurna Studios. 'Loser 1' struck a chord with every single viewer. We urge the audience to watch its successor edition on ZEE5 from January 21 by subscribing to our OTT platform. We thank the audience for always supporting us. The journey with the team of 'Loser 2' has been great. The content of 'Loser 2' will reach the maximum number of people, thanks to the efforts of the team."

Badminton player Chetan Anand said, "Fifteen years ago, during the Commonwealth Games, I got to interact with Nagarjuna garu at a party. He is such a nice person. I have seen the trailer for 'Loser 2'. The actors and technicians have worked really hard. I wish them all the best and hope that 'Loser 2' will be a bigger hit than its previous edition."

'King' Akkineni Nagarjuna said, "OTT is a new revolution these days. A film is supposed to make the audience sit in a theatre for 2.5 hours by offering engaging content. On the other hand, OTT is doing it by offering content on phone. It's not easy to make OTT content. Its content has to be very engaging. 'Loser' was a thrilling web series. 'Loser 2' has got a very good trailer. The team has succeeded in coming out with the best trailer. A film or a web series can click only if the whole team has worked hard. I wish the team of 'Loser 2' all the best. Chetan is a player we are all proud of. Annapurna College of Film and Media was born from my father's vision that film education should be offered in a systematic manner. That's why we have been at the forefront of encouraging acting and technical talent at every step. Our association with ZEE5 in bringing out content has been successful. We thank ZEE5's team comprising Anuradha, Nimmakayala Prasad and others. Supriya has put in dedicated work."

Producer Supriya said, "I am happy to have collaborated with ZEE5. Nimmakayala Prasad garu believed in the story and came forward to produce it. The production team has worked really hard. The Spectrum Media's team, Chandra, Mahesh and others have worked hard."

Akkineni Amala said, "I am proud that Annapurna College of Film and Media talent are working everywhere in India and getting recognition. Youngsters are seeking new themes, new stories. We at Annapurna College are always open to fresh ideas. The first season of 'Loser' was refreshing. I hope 'Loser 2' becomes a bigger hit."

Director Abhilash said, "I thank the guests for being here to bless our team. A lot of celebs are tweeting us and wishing us all the best. Bharath and Shravan have helped me in writing the series. Some of the episodes have been directed by Shravan. Supriya garu's inputs have been very useful."

Actor Priyadarshi said, "I thank Nagarjuna garu, Amala madam, Chetan Anand garu for being here. Annapurna Studios has provided opportunities to many people and yet they are humble. We have worked really hard on 'Loser 2'. The technical team has been of great support. I thank Supriya garu and Annapurna banner for this opportunity."

Cast and Crew:

Suri is played by Priyadarshi, Maya is played by Dhanya Balakrishnan, Ruby is played by Kalpika Ganesh, her father Irfan is played by Shayaji Shinde, Wilson is played by Sashank, John is played by Harshith Reddy, Govardhan is played by Surya, Pallavi is played by Pavani Gangireddy, Ruksana is played by Sathya Krishnan. Srinu, Tippu and others have also played other roles.

Written by Sai Bharadwaj, Shravan Madala and Abhilash Reddy, its production design is by Jhansi. Creative Producer: Maheshwar Reddy Gojala. Costume Designer, Stylist: Rajani. Editing: Kumar P Anil. Cinematography: Naresh Ramadurai. Music Director: Sai Sriram Maddury. Director: Shravan Madala, Abhilash Reddy. Producers: ZEE5, Annapurna Studios, Spectrum Media Networks.

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