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Ooriki Utharana Movie Review


Check out the review of Ooriki Utharana movie starring Naren Vanaparthi, Dipali Sharma directed by Satish Paramveda and produced by Venkataiah Vanaparthi this film is released on 19th November, 2021 


Ooriki Utharana film is based on human emotions coming to story Raju (Naren Vanaparthi) will  always be worried about his marriage even though he has less education qualification and good profile he will be proposing about marriage which eventually gets rejected 

His father (Anand Chakrapani) will be worried about his life and beg him to complete his studies.then he decides to join a college for his education and there he falls in love with Sailu (Dipali Sharma). Sailu is grand daughter of Shankar Patel who is the head of the village 

How did Raju propose his love ? Will sailu accept his love? What happens to their  love forms the rest of the story 


In this segment we must appreciate Naren for his  typical acting style his dialogue delivering his slang  his performance particularly the emotion scenes between father and son came out very well he suited for his role he has long way to go Dipali Sharma did decent job her performance is good Anand Chakrapani will make us emotional his performance is splendid .Jagadish Pratap Bandari, Jabardasth Phani roles are entertaining Ankith Koyya played crucial role Senior actor Ramaraju and rest of the cast given their best 

Technical Aspects 

In this segment we must appreciate producers for their production values even though its a small it looks like film makers never compromised on the quality front Music by Bheems is extraordinary his background score has take the film to the next level .The screenplay is decent and Director Satish Paramveda given his best he has good narrative skills dialogues are good . Cinematography is neat visuals are rich  Editing is okay


On whole Ooriki Uttharana is a feel good Love entertainer film with good Human emotions EntertainingElements go watch and enjoy the film with family 

Rating : 3.25/5

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