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GST Movie Review

Check out the Review of  The movie "GST" (God Satan Technology) is being produced by Komari Janaiah Naidu under the banner of " Tholu Bommala chitralu"  Starring Anand Krishna, Ashok, Venkat and Nandu as the heroes, Swatimandal, Anchor Indu, Pooja Suhasini and Vani as the heroines.


GST is the story based on Science and Ghosts 

Now coming to story After completion of Education  A group of students plans a long tour 

The person who is working as navy officer  falls in love with a girl he wants to settle his life with lot of money  in this process he will find one item which is being produced by shark sprem which is used in perfumes what happened after that ?

How ghost enters in this story? Forms the rest of the story 


Performances are good each and everyone has given their best even though all are new actors they did decent job in the first half their performance is main highlight 

 the chemistry between the two Lovers are good 

actress who asked as Ghost did her best , the ghost character is another plus point for this film

Technical Aspects 

Coming to Technical Aspects we must appreciate director  Janaki Ram he has done good research his research on gods  temples and on all religions is good Even on science elements his work is good .Productions values are rich Yadagiri's cinematography is very good The music provided by music director UV Niranjan is a plus point for the film. 

On whole Gst is a decent Attempt 

Rating: 3.25 / 5

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