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Suryasthamayam Movie Review

Check out the review of Suryasthamayam movie Starring Himansee Katragadda, Daniel Balaji, Kavya Suresh and Prawin Reddy directed by Bandi Saroj Kumar Produced by Krathi Thota 

We have seen many films on Friendship concept in which most of them are Super hit But in this Suryasthamayam movie the two friends are on opposite sides poles 

 One is the police and the other is the most wanted criminal Now coming to the detail story Chegewara (Bandi Saroj Kumar) is a police officer who is the most particular in keeping the society clean by killing Criminals in this process his next Target will be Praveen Reddy who is his childhood best friend now how he reacts on it forms the Story 

Prawin Reddy had done ultimate Performance 

 he has good screen presence Daniel Balaji As usual mesmerized with his work Himanshi performed well. Others performed well in their respective roles.

Director has taken new concept and narrated it very well The screenplay is very new. The story is also very new. The story consists of three parts. The story of their childhood, college life and a police officer. The director combines these three parts with the new kind of  screenplay.

Dialogues are impressive Camera work is great Music is perfect Locations are Natural

This  movie is very new to Telugu audience and it is very engaging.


On whole Suryasthamayam is a perfect film with all the Requirements Elements Surely this film will Entertain you don't miss 

Rating: 3/5


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