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Prasanth Varma’s Superhero Film Titled HANU-MAN

 Prasanth Varma’s Superhero Film Titled HANU-MAN

Superheroes in Tollywood is something that this generation has never seen before. Creative director Prasanth Varma just delivered a hit with Zombie Reddy by introducing Zombies to Tollywood. He is now introducing a new genre to Telugu audience, but this time it’s bigger than ever.

Prasanth Varma, on his birthday, announced a cinematic universe of superheroes and poster of its original film is unleashed today. Titled ‘Hanu-Man!’, it’s the original Indian superhero film.

Superheroes have their past history in the semidivine heroes of myth and legend. They exhibit feats of incredible strength and fighting prowess.

Superhero movies have been ruling the Hollywood from more than a decade. DC and Marvel superhero movies are making huge box office collection. Recent Avengers End Game is the highest grossed movie of all time.

Prasanth Varma is bringing this super hit genre to Telugu audience. High packed action sequences and hero elevations in superhero movies are sure to bring audience to theatres.

‘HANU-MAN’ must be inspired from Indian mythology. The title is justified, as HANUMAN is the SUPER HERO figure for Indians. The title logo looks authoritative with a sun and a diamond placed in between HANU and MAN.

The makers have also released motion poster which is a visual extravaganza.

The exotic locations of Himalayas are presented exquisitely and the background score gives a divine feel to the video.

Needless to say, HANU-MAN is going to be something new, big and exciting. The director will announce cast and crew of the project soon, including its protagonist.

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