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RadhaKrishna Pre Release Event

 I Wish Everyone To Watch And Encourage 'RadhaKrishna' Which Is Made With A Backdrop Of Nirmal Crafts - Telangana Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy

Popular Director, 'Dhamarukam' fame Sreenivass Redde is providing Screenplay and Direction Supervision to 'Radhakrishna' movie starring Anurag, Musskan Sethi (Paisa Vasool Fame) along with Nandamuri Lakshmi Parvathy in a crucial role. T.D. Prasad Varma is Directing this film. Puppala Sagarika Krishnakumar is Producing it under Harini Aradhya Creations. Music is released through Aditya Music. Recently released songs and trailer received very good response. The film is getting released on February 5th. On this occasion the team held a grand pre release event at Daspalla Hotel at Hyderabad. Minister of State for Endowments, Law and Forest, Environment, Science and Technology of Telangana, Allola Indrakaran Reddy graced the event as a Chief Guest and launched the Big Ticket of 'RadhaKrishna'. On this occasion..

Telangana Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy says, " Newly formed Nirmal district is gifted with beautiful nature. It composes naturally formed Thick Forest, Kuntala Waterfalls, Kawal Tiger Reserve. It is appreciable that the team of 'RadhaKrishna' has shot their film in such scenic locations. Sagarika Krishnakumar Garu chose to make a film about world famous Nirmal Crafts and industry which is on the verge of extinction. My Heartful wishes to her for her effort to bring this valuable craft into light. Everyone should watch and encourage this film. Lakshmi Parvathy Garu playing a crucial role in this film is a welcoming aspect for this film. I wish this film to bring name and fame for hero Anurag and Heroine Musskan Sethi. Congrats to MM Sreelekha Garu who has composed very good music and to Mangli who sang 'Nirmala Bomma' song in this film. Wishes to Ali and Krishna Bhagawan who acted in this film. Sreenivass Redde Garu is a very experienced director. He ran the show for this film. This film is completely shot in Nirmal District in Telangana and explored about hardships facing by Nirmal craftsmen. I will definitely take this film to the notice of our Honourable Chief Minister KCR Garu. I pray for the film to become a very big success."

AP Telugu Academy Chairperson Lakshmi Parvathy said, " Arts stand as a testament for out culture and heritage. India is birthplace for many ancient arts. We will lose our existence if we don't protect our ancient arts.  We all know how famous Nirmal Crafts are.Team has made a very good film with the theme of Nirmal Crafts which are on the verge of extinction. I wish all of you will support such a good film. I know Sreenivass Redde Garu for many years. He is the main reason behind my acting debut in this film. I have to see how I did the role along with you all. Ali played a very good role in this film. Hero, Heroines did very good performance. Entire unit looked after me very well with love and affection. I wondered how nice is Film Industry. Best wishes to Sagarika Krishnakumar Garu for making this film with noble intentions. I wish this film will get all of your blessings. "

Director Sreenivass Redde said, " We feel very lucky with the presence of Minister Indrakaran Reddy Garu here today. Lakshmi Parvathy Garu playing an important role is a great thing for this film. Her role will surely get accolades.  This is a very good film made with a very good concept about Nirmal Crafts which are going extinct. That's why I immediately agreed to do Directional Supervision for this film. I wish this film to bring money to First Time Producer Krishnakumar Garu and fame to Director Prasad Varma. Anurag and Musskan Sethi did very well. Along with a pleasant love story there is an undercurrent message about Nirmal  Hand Crafts too. Comedy track between Krishna Bhagawan and Ali will be hilarious.  MM Sreelekha Garu and Surender Reddy Garu gave their best. 'RadhaKrishna' Which is made with a noble concept backed by very good technicians will surely become a big success."

Film Producer Puppala Sagarika Krishnakumar said, " We made this film with a noble intention to breathe fresh air to our Nirmal Handicrafts and craftsman in our Nirmal District.  We are releasing the film on a grand manner in both Telugu states on February 5th. Lakshmi Parvathy Garu acted for the first time in this film.  She is the heart of the film. Her role came out superbly. M.M. Sreelekha Garu who has worked for many SuperHit films has agreed to work for this film even though I am a new producer and composed very good music. Surender Reddy Garu is a great cameraman. He gave excellent visuals with his terrific work. Anurag and Musskan Sethi did superbly and I wish a very bright future for both of them. Heartfelt thanks to our 'Dhamarukam' Sreenivass Redde Garu for standing as the backbone for 'RadhaKrishna'. The Film came out very well. It not only showcases about Nirmal Crafts but also will be remembered for its heart touching love story. I wish everyone to watch our 'RadhaKrishna' movie which is made in our 'Harini Aaradhya Creations' banner."

Film Director T.D. Prasad Varma said, " I am very happy for debuting as a director with this film. I am indebted to Krishnakumar Garu for giving me this opportunity. M.M. Sreelekha Garu composed very good music. My mentor Sreenivass Redde Garu is there for me at my every step. He helped a lot for this project. Special thanks to him. Along with Handicrafts this film is made with a beautiful lovestory. I wish this film will impress everyone."

Hero Anurag said, " Thanks to Sreenivass Redde Garu and Sagarika Krishnakumar Garu for giving me this opportunity to act in such a good film.This is a soft love story. Everyone will enjoy it. Sreelekha madam has given superb music. Great to act with Ali, Krishna Bhagawan and Sampoornesh garlu. This is a very good family entertainer. I wish you all to watch this film."

Heroine Musskan Sethi said, " 'RadhaKrishna' is very close to my heart. This film not only has entertainment but also carries a heratwarming message too. Thanks to Sreenivass Redde and Sagarika Krishnakumar for giving me this opportunity. This is like a dream project for me. Thanks to MM Sreelekha Garu for providing very good music. Great to work with Lakshmi Parvathy madam. "

Music Director M.M. Sreelekha said, " 'RadhaKrishna' film is a musical feast. All songs came out very well. Big lyricists like Suddala Ashok Teja Garu, Chaitanya Prasad, Sree Mani, Varikuppala Yadagiri penned lyrics for the songs. Big singers Rahul Sipligunj, Mangli, Anurag Kulkarni crooned for this film. Special Thanks to Sagarika Krishnakumar Garu for this opportunity. Everyone, watch the film on bigscreen on February 5. You all will enjoy for sure."

Ali said, " Today's Kids may not know about Nirmal Toys. This film will definitely let the audience know about the greatness of Nirmal Handicrafts. This film which is made with a backdrop of Nirmal craft will definitely become a big hit. Hero and Heroines played their roles beautifully. Director Prasad Varma has made this film perfectly."

Popular Distributor Warangal Srinu says, " I wish this film which is made about Nirmal Crafts with a history of 400 years to become a big success. All the best to Producer Sagarika Krishnakumar and the entire team." 

Principal Cast involves,

Anurag, Musskan Sethi ( Paisa Vasool Fame ), Nandamuri Lakshmi Parvathy, Ali, Krishna Bhagawan, Annapurnamma and Others while Sampoornesh Babu is playing a special role in the film.

Cinematography: Surender Reddy

Music: M.M. Sreelekha

Editing: D. Venkataprabhu

Art: V.N. Saimani

Nirmaana Saradhyam: Krishna Kumar

Producer: Puppala Sagarika Krishnakumar

Presenter, Screenplay, Direction Supervision: Sreenivass Redde

Direction: T.D. Prasad Varma

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