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Sreedhar Seepana Birthday Interview

Receiving compliments from Megastar was like getting Oscar award: Sreedhar Seepana

Sreedhar Seepana is one of the few prolific writers who can work on a handful of projects at a time.  The 'Poola Rangadu' of dialogues knows the art of 'Loukhyam'.  His films pack in both entertainment and message.  With his sharp and witty dialogues, he has enlivened a number of commercial stories.  The writer of such successful films as 'Loukhyam', 'Poola Rangadu' and 'Ahana Pellanta' celebrates his birthday on July 29.  Marking the special occasion, here is his special interview:

Hello, Sreedhar garu.  A happy birthday to you!

Thank you so much!!

How are you celebrating your birthday?

Nothing special as such.  I am spending time with my family members.  Due to the prevailing situation, I am not stepping out unless it is too essential.  Work and family have been my only focus.

How is it going for you as a writer this year?

It has been memorable.  I have taken part in the script works of 'Acharya', the big-ticket film coming in the combination of Megastar Chiranjeevi garu and Koratala Siva garu, who blends commercial elements with values.  I have developed good equations with them.  Meanwhile, I have also completed writing the script for my directorial debut.  The film will star Chiranjeevi garu's son-in-law, Kalyaan Dhev, and will be presented by GA2 Pictures.  It will be produced by TG Vishwa Prasad garu on People Media Factory and Abhishek Agarwal garu's Abhishek Agarwal Arts.

So, you are joining the list of those writers turned directors!

A writer would feel excited when his vision gets translated onto the celluloid as it is.  It gives immense satisfaction.  It's in search of that kick that writers turn into directors.  The motive is same in my case, too.

Now that you are turning into a director, are you not going to write for other filmmakers?

Not like that.  I love both writing and film direction.  They are like two eyes for me.  I have worked on multiple films simultaneously as a writer.  I will always be ready to dabble in both writing and direction.  I will never stay away from writing for others.  My journey both as a director and a writer will continue.

How is your film with Kalyaan Dhev going to be?

It will be a complete entertainer.  It will make the audience laugh.  At the same time, it will have emotional content as well.

Have you narrated the story to Chiranjeevi garu?

I started knowing Chiranjeevi garu personally because of 'Acharya'.  After listening to the story of my film, Kalyaan Dhev took me to Chiranjeevi garu.  Upon listening to the narration, Megastar told me that he had listened to it with rapt attention without blinking his eyes.  He said that he thoroughly enjoyed the script.  The compliment felt like an Oscar for me.  K Raghavendra Rao garu and Koratala Siva garu, too, have liked the script. 

What is your aim as a director and a writer?

My only aim is to offer entertainment.  I love to dish out a healthy comedy.

What are your future projects?

Besides my directorial debut with Kalyaan Dhev, I will be penning dialogues for a film to be made by Raghavendra Rao garu.  A film to be presented by Anil Sunkara will also be there.  I completed the shooting of 'Brindavanamidi Andaridi', produced by Srinivas Vangala.  It will be released on OTT after Kalyaan Dhev's film comes out.

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