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J Media Factory Biggest Announcement Soon

Small Glimpse of Our Big Announcement

J Media Factory is a Pioneer in doing Innovative  Events with Extraordinary Sound And Screening now they are coming up with New Idea

Here is the small Glimpse from J Media about their idea

J Media Factory and June 13th.
How are they interlinked?

It's a never-ending emotional tale to us, infact sentimental too.

The month of June and the date 13th has a memorable connection to me. Whatever we are doing now, whatever the status we are enjoying... if all of them have a common start point that is our "birth", as I strongly believe. Hence my respect towards my parents is immense.

It is on the June 13th that my Mother left me, leaving her memories for full of my life. I strongly believe that only with her blessings I’ve surpassed many a milestone.

In the loving memory of her, I’ve been starting each of my new initiatives on that date.

This is the bonding not just between a date and a company, but a mother and her ever-loving son.

On the other hand, the pandemic has its impact on all the crafts of Film and the Media. We have embarked on finest and unique solution to address this from our end. 

At this remarkable moment, we are pleased to make one more big announcement J Media Factory on this June 13th, and I promise it would be worth the wait.

Please stay tuned!

TeluguCinemas .In Wishes Good Luck to the Team of J MEDIA 

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