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Bheeshma Pre Release Event Grand Success

Bheeshma 'Success Guarantee ..!
- Trivikram, a well known director in a pre-release event

The 'Bheeshma' Movie Pre-Release event, played by the young protagonist Nithiin in the title role, was held on Monday in the presence of fans and well wishers at Yousufguda Police Grounds. Suryadevara Nagavamsi is the producer  and  Rashmika Mandana is the heroine in the film under the banner of famous film production company Sithara Entertainment venky kudumula, Director of 'Chalo' fame .

Earlier in the film, the song's
single anthem ,song writer Srimani said, "I wrote the  song singles anthem where I took incidents from  every single life
. I wrote the last Bachelor Song for Nithiin.
Frustration and emotion in me  as a single are shown in this song...
In the meantime, I had a very good reputation for this song...
Harika hassine creations gave me a break with 'Julayi', Since then I have been travelling with Nagavamsi...

Another songwriter, Kasarla Shyam, said, "I wrote two songs in the first film 'Chalo' of Venky Kudumula. Both of them made a good name.
I wrote the song 'What a  Beauty' song in Bheeshma. This song was written by me  by sagar mahati  very well. I am happy  this song got good response....

Director Venky Atuluri said, "Venky Kudumula, I made an entry almost at the same time. His 'Chalo' and my 'debute film tholi Prema' were good hits. We have been good friends since then. Congrets venky.... This film is going to big hit

Good Feel Good Movie!
Actor Brahmaji said,
"I have done a little character in this film. It is very cute. I am getting good characters in  every movie  under Harika hassine banner.
I think Venky Kudumula will definitely shake  with this movie.
I have seen so many scenes when iam doing  dubbing . It's a feel  good Movie. Nithiin will be seen as a good commercial hero in the movie.
Rashmika is a  Beautiful Girl and Fantastic Actress.
Venki Kudumula is the one that made me laugh the most after Trivikram

Nithiin did fantastic  dance in this movie
-dil raju

Producer Dil Raju said, "When I saw Venky's 'Chalo', his entertainment skills and his vision came to mind. Nithiin told this story to me  while doing 'Srinivasa Kalyanam'. I liked the story a lot and thought it wil become a big hit. Nithin danced very well...
I felt very happy after watched the film...
I enjoyed a lot...
Audience also definitely enjoyed this film.
Rashmika is playing with  Nithiin throughout the film.
The music given by Swarasagar is amazing. All the songs are good.
I  Glad to see that  Swarasagar makes manisharma  name stand out...
The movie is a visual treat. We know how big  ala  Vaikuntapuram lo was'. The film has visuals to match with that film. The film is coming out on February 21 and will be a big hit

Nithiin, Rashmika Chemistry Amazing!
- Music director Mahati Swarasagar

Music director Mahati Swarasagar said, "Thank you very much for the great support given by the producers Radha krishna sir and vamsi sir
Nithiin is a  AMAZING performer and dancer ....
He did it on a next level.
I was even more excited to see it.
Today I am in this position  because of Venky kudumula....
Rashmika looks great on screen. Nithiin, Rashmika Chemistry is Amazing.

We don't disappoint audience
- director Venky kudumula

Director Venky Kudumula said
I am a devotee of Trivikram. When I thought of working with him, Chinna babu sir  joined me for the film 'Aa' Aa
Thank you to both of them.

The story of the film took some time. That's why Nithiin Fans had waited little .... But the film got a lot better for Waiting. I am very confident for this film. Cinematographer Sai Sriram gave good visuals. Sagar was well-versed in the songs, and even the re- recording was extraordinary. Thanks to Rashmika for making the story of the film okay. "We don't disappoint audience...

Producers must make huge profits with 'Bheeshma'!
Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika Mandanna said it is becoming  difficult to have true friends in this generation. But while working on this film, I met the Genuine Person. Venky kudumula....   He is the main reason I am here today in Tollywood.
He wrote the Bhishma script with the theme of organic farming. Seeing his approach to the film, I became surrendered. The songs, teaser, trailer are all captivating audiences. He'll be a good friend for the rest of my life. I saw 'aa'  aa when I was in college. If I make films, then I want to make a movie like this. Now I have done 'Bheeshma' with the same Nithiin. Behind the scenes he is a Genuine Person. I wouldn't call him a best co-star, I'd say best friend...
Sagar gave good songs to ease the occasion. In Tollywood, I was first given the Biggest Song
'Choosi choodangaane'.
Now this  film also has singles song  along with songs like 'What a  Beauty' and 'Sarasari'. I am Listening Re-recording is Superb. Along with the audience, I am also looking forward to see the film. Producers want to make huge profits with this film. 'Aa aa' is one of the best films I have seen in Tollywood.
I hope producers chinna babu sir  will support me too. "

Bheeshma' after  dil 'and' Sye'
Hero Nithiin

  Hero Nithiin said,
"There is a gap of almost a year for my previous film and this film.
. I thought that the film should not
start until the whole script is ready. We started when venky was told me full script . The movie is coming on February 21st.

Venky is a big fan of 'Dil' movie. He said that this is how a fan boy would make a movie. After  'Dil' and 'Sye, he showed me in such an angle again with all commercial elements. All my fans are always asking 'danceanna .. danceanna'. I think the dancing I did in the movie will satisfy  the hunger of my fans...But choreographer johnny master  steps was so tough but it's good and I enjoyed a lot
Shekhar Master has done well too. The fight in the second half was made by Fight Master Venkat. Goose bumps guarantee to fans in that fight.
Goose bumps are coming when iam watching swara sagar re recording of the fight...
He gave life long memorable songs in this film....
In future  i wish he wil be so popular just like his dad..
Kasarla Shyam, Shreemani and Krishna chaitanya gave very good lyrics.
Navin nooli did editing well...
Cinematographer Sai Sriram showed me and rashmika very beautiful in this film.... Brahmaji gives me beauty tips in this film ...
Rashmika is so fit ...The reason why she is so fit is because the food she takes...
It's secret
She's a good actress. She also received awards for her acting...
I shocked when I saw her dance in  what a beauty song... she did so good
Her hard work dedication takes her to next level... she became  a good friend to me in this film
Our producers Chinnababu and Vamsi Gaaru have done 'Aa' Aa first and now I have made this film. The third movie 'Rang De' is already doing. Nagavamsi is sketching for the fourth movie.
In my life five important persons are there (pancha pranalu)my mother and father my sister Pawan kalyan Sir Trivikram sir...
I am going to married and wife become sixth important person
I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Trivikram sir, to make 'Aa'aa and to be part in my life. If he is in front of me..It's my way... To my side my support. To my back my courage....
In one word he's  a guide to me...

What I say about  Pawan Kalyan sir? He's coming to us in May. We all are ready to make Shredding the shirts and watch the movie.

Bheeshma 'Success Guarantee
Famous Director Trivikram

well-known director Trivikram said, "Pawan Kalyan's blessings will always be on Nithin's side...
All the best for him
Director Venky Kudumula, Cinematographer Sai Sriram,
Music Director Mahathi .....Congratulations to everyone else.
I have already seen the movie. Very, very nice. Iam  confident that everyone will enjoy it well on this  21st.
Rashmika is on good path with salirelu meekevaaru success . Now 'Bheeshma' is coming. She needs more success. It is just  a 50-minute drive to  Bangalore.... so she need not to  be worried.
You are always very close to us...
My favorite aspects of the film are the "two" in the second half. One is the fight made by the Venkat Master. Very well designed it. Two .. The Last Song 'What a  Beauty' by Johnny Master.
He made our butta bomma very well...
This song also made very well...

After the Jersey, producer Vamsi is bringing you another good movie .
He is entering 2020 with good success. I hope he Want to give a big party on the 21st evening and don't forget to call me for it.

producer sudhaakarreddy, Choreographer Johnny Master, Fightmaster Venkat, Suchir India Kiran and Green Metro representatives Ashok, Aditya and child actor Rakesh also addressed the film's success

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