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Anukunnadhi Okkati Ayyindhi Okkati' release on March 6

Anukunnadhi Okkati Ayyindhi Okkati' is super fun: Makers say ahead of release on March 6

Coming to entertain you non-stop for two hours on March 6 is 'Anukunnadhi Okkati Ayyindhi Okkati', a female-centric film with an exciting story.  Produced by Hima Velagapudi and Vegi Srinivas on Black & White Pictures and Poorvi Pictures as Production No. 1, the promising flick is directed by debutant Baalu Adusumilli.  Starring Dhanya Balakrishna, Tridha Choudhury, Siddhi Idnani, and Komalee Prasad, the film's Trailer has successfully made the audience wait for it with curiosity.

Days ahead of his movie's release, director Balu Adusumilli says, "I thank each and everyone who has made this film possible.  I come from a media background.  My media friends have now put me in the front.  So many individuals are trying their best to get a chance to direct a movie.  I am dedicating this maiden venture to all those determined aspirants.  A lot of pain has gone into making this movie.  Thanks to my wife and Raghuram, I could complete it successfully."

Dhanya Balakrishna is the leader of her gang of four women in the film.  "I have played a software engineer in the movie.  It's an exciting film full of entertainment," she said. 

Komalee Prasad said, "Thank you for the support, media.  This is my second film and I am optimistic about the result.  Balu is a very hardworking director.  When you watch 'AOAO', you will realize that it's pure joy for two hours."

Tridha Chowdhary said, "We four women have given our best.  We are 'Sheroes' and we don't need a hero.  This is an experimental as well as an entertaining film whose title is completely justified.  It's a stress-buster of an entertainer."

Siddhi Idnani said, "The audience make us who we are.  We are nothing without you.  Coming to the film, we four have played thick friends who share a great bonding.  They plan to Goa and what follows is entertainment.  I request you all to watch 'AOAO' with your friends.  Thanks to the joint efforts of technicians and artists, the output is great." 

Basha, the comedian, said that the film has promised superb content through its trailer.  "The trailer is very good and it showcases the unique aspect of the film, in which four women plan a Goa trip.  We are all used to watching men panning such outings.  Here it is different.  Dhanya comes with the experience of having acted in 25 movies.  Tridha has already proved herself in the past.  Komalee is a dentist-turned-actress.  She is very talented.  Siddhi, Sameer, Lobo and others have done a nice job in the movie.  The director is a cool person." 

Lobo said, "At the end of the day, content is what matters the most.  Big or small, any film is accepted by the audience if the content is good.  Our film is substantial in that respect." 

Hima Velagapudi said, "I was shocked when Balu told me that he wants to try direction.  Once he told me the story of 'AOAO', I wanted him to give a try.  I slowly gained confidence in him as the film started to be made.  We need the blessings of the audience." 

Raghuram said, "The four beautiful women have given their best.  Director Balu has exceeded our expectations.  Our film is coming out on March 6 for your blessings." 

Cast and crew:

Dhanya Balakrishna, Tridha Choudhury, Siddhi Idnani, Komalee Prasad, Raghu Babu, Himaja, Raghu Karumanchi, Sameer and others. 

Music: Vikas Badija
DOP: Shekar Ganganamoni
Editor: Thellaguti Manikanth
Art Director: Gandhi Nadikudikar
Associate Director: Lucky Bezawada
Executive Producer: LN Varanasi & YJR
Co-Producers: Neha Muralikirshna, Raghuram Yarukunda
Producers: Hima Velagapudi & Vegi Srinivas
Dialogues & Co-Director: Vijay Kamisetty
Written & Directed by Baalu Adusumilli

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