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aha is the gamechanger Vijay Deverakonda

aha is the gamechanger that defines the future of Telugu entertainment: Vijay Deverakonda

The future is digital. The world has been lapping up on content that is available on OTT platforms. In fact, the Telugu audience is one of the major consumers of content on digital platforms of other languages. But it's time to bridge the gap! And in that regard, the announcement of the 100% Telugu web series and movie platform aha, at a grand preview event on Saturday, is surely a revolutionary move. In a bid to engage, entertain, entice and enthrall the Telugu audience, this brand new entrant into the entertainment industry promises a wide variety of shows and movies in Telugu.

The event saw the presence of the cast and crew of the various aha original web series alongside influencers, media and the promoters. Masti's, Geetha Subramanyam 2020, Kotha Poradu and Shit Happens were the shows unveiled at the grand preview of the first-ever Telugu OTT platform with original content.

Actor Navdeep who stars in the show Masti's spoke at the event and said, "Masti's explores modern-day relationships and how they pan out. Written by Krish garu this is a very interesting story and it's a cocktail of emotions. The Telugu audience has always accepted new content and that fact has been proven time and again. I am sure this will be loved just the same way by them. We all have loved and enjoyed the films from Geetha Arts so far and I hope the OTT platform aha is also given the same love and patronage by the audience."

Director Krish Jagarlamudi who has produced the series shared, "Every aspect of life is an emotion. This one's going to be a coming together of all those various emotions that define everyday life. The web series Masti's is the story of our lives and explores the urban space and relationships. I feel like this is surely my best writing to date. Everyone has been saying I make only periodic films but the Krish you see in cinema is different from the Krish who's actually within me. And that is who you'll see in Masti's! I thank Allu Arvind sir and Ajit Thakur for giving me this opportunity. Arvind sir is my mentor and was along with me through the journey of Masti's. Ajay Bhuyan has done a great job as a director."

Allu Arvind of Geetha Arts, one of the founders of aha lauded the entire team as he said, "The journey of aha began around a year ago out of the fear that a medium would eat away our films. So instead of looking at it as an enemy, we decided to take the good from it and create a space. On a casual discussion with Rameshwar Rao garu and Ramu Rao garu from My Home Group, they expressed interest and here we are today as partners. There are other exciting partners with us on this project. We are only having a preview of aha today. We will have a grand launch on Ugadi! My sons were very happy when they heard this idea and were glad that I am looking at ideas for tomorrow. We have teamed up with our friends from Kolkata, Hoichoi, and a company in the US for assistance in technology. I know digital is the future and that the audience is going to give the same love to the space as they have given to cinema. We are new to this and are learning at every step. We don't know what is right and what is not. And we really want everyone's support for this. Ajit Thakur has gone out of his way to make this a possibility and I appreciate the efforts of him and the entire team of aha. I'd like to end this by saying that this is a platform that will have bold content and we ensured that there is parental control in the app, request you have parental control on at all times!"

Ramu Rao Jupally of My Home Group said, "As we foray into the world of entertainment, we first begin with the digital space with the cooperation and collaboration of Allu Arvind garu who first proposed the idea. He has been working really hard from the last 8 months, with the support of Ajit. With the intention to make the 100% Telugu entertainment platform accessible to everyone, we have a subscription pricing of Rs 1 a day / Rs. 365 a year!”

Actor Vijay Deverakonda who made quite a dramatic entry to the stage called aha a gamechanger. "This is the future of entertainment. Over 1 lakh downloads have been registered even before the preview and I am sure aha is set to replace TV! You can watch news, comedy shows, movies and what not just by the click of a button. We live in times when we want to consume entertainment as and when we want. Just like IPL that brought many talented cricketers into the limelight, aha will showcase new talent that will surely cross over to films as well. Likewise, talent will crossover from movies to the web as well. A lot of work will be generated. This is the future and it's going to be great! aha is the gamechanger that defines the future of Telugu entertainment."

aha will showcase films like Arjun Suravaram and Khaidi in the digital premiere alongside a massive library of over 300 films

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