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'22' Movie Teaser Launched by King Nagarjuna

Rupesh, Shiva's Crime Thriller, '22' Movie Teaser Is Quite Interesting. The Film Will Surely Become A Big Hit - King Nagarjuna

Shivakumar B. who has worked in Direction Department of Dashing Producer Puri Jagannadh, Sensational Director VV Vinayak, Super Successful Director Maruthi is Directing an Action Thriller '22' along with providing Story, Screenplay and Dialogues. This Rupesh Kumar Choudhary, Saloni Misra starrer is Produced under Maa Aai Productions banner. The film has completed its shooting part and is undergoing its post-production works. The First Look Glimpse of Hero which was recently released by Dashing Director Puri Jagannadh has already received a terrific response. Kong Nagarjuna has unveiled The Teaser on  2nd February 2020 at 8:59 AM accompanied by Yua Samrat Naga Chaitanya. Super Successful Director Maruthi has graced the media meet and launched the '22' movie calendar in an event. Popular Producer Konda KrishnamRaju garu also attended the event. 

King Nagarjuna said, " BA Raju garu and Jaya B garu are very close to me since my beginning days in the Industry. Shiva is their son. Though Jaya garu is not among us today, She is definitely happy that her son, Shiva became a Director. Shiva should uphold her name and BA Raju gari name with his work. I welcome Rupesh to the film industry. He has many successful businesses. But, out of passion towards the films, he turned as an actor, hero. I wish him all the best. I have seen the teaser. It looks like an interesting crime thriller. The title of the film is '22'. The date the Teaser got released is 02-02-2020 As per numerology my number is '2' too. It's very strange and I am very happy with this co-incidence. I heartfully wish the film to become a very big hit. All the best to the entire team"

Shiva Will Definitely Become A Successful Director !!!

Super Successful Director Maruthi said, " I am very happy that Shiva has become a Director. He said the first copy will be ready in a week. He came to me as an assistant director and handled the entire post-production of a film. Like Raju garu, who heartfully wishes and works to make a film successful, Shiva too works very hard to make a film become a success. usually, debut directors make a love story as their first film. But, Shiva tried a crime thriller subject as his first film as a director and handled it perfectly. this shows his maturity levels.  Rupesh believed in this story and acted as a Hero in this film. Rupesh too worked very hard for this film. Saloni Misra did a good job and so did the entire team. Nagarjuna garu is always ready to encourage new talent. Though he has affection for Raju garu, It is the teaser that made him spoke so highly about it. I was shocked after watching a web series made by Shiva. He did it with great technical values. Writing a story and bringing it on the screen within a short period of time requires perfect planning and clarity. Vinayak garu and I launched this movie. Attending this teaser launch today in such a short span makes me very happy. Directors like these are necessary for our industry. Shiva will definitely become a successful director. Co-Director Pulla Rao garu makes sure the product shape up well. He works very sincerely. Shiva is lucky to work with such senior directors. I am waiting for the film's release and will watch it on the first day first show itself. All the best to the entire team."

Popular Producer Konda KrishnamRaju said, " Shiva is very lucky. Nagarjuna garu, Puri Jagannadh garu, Maruthi showing their confidence and love for Shiva by backing the film with their support. I wish this film to bring big break for Shiva, Rupesh and for the entire team. All the best."

Aditya Music Niranjan said, " Right from the beginning, Raju garu and Jaya garu supported us and encouraged us by giving the audio rights of their films to us. Continuing the tradition, Their Son Shiva garu also gave the audio rights of his maiden directorial '22' to us. Shiva garu has the blessings of Jaya garu along with all of our wishes. BA Raju garu is always there for him. I wish he should make many more good films in the future. I hope our collaboration will continue and We will support the film in whatever way we can."

Co-Director Pullarao Koppineedi said, " We were very impressed when we first listened to the story narrated by Shiva. Today, he made the film even better than he said. The film came out very well. The teaser is superb. Hero and Heroines did a very good job.  I believe that this film will surely become a big success."

Hero Rupeshkumar Choudhary said, " Maruthi garu came and blessed us during the logo launch of our 'Maa Aai productions' banner. Thanks to Maruthi garu for coming here and for launching our film's calendar. My happiness is in next level that Nagarjuna garu launched the teaser of our film."

Director Shiva Kumar. B said, " After watching the teaser, Nagarjuna garu impressed a lot by it. We feel very lucky that our teaser got launched by Nagarjuna garu who always encourages new directors. Thanks to Nagarjuna garu on behalf of the entire '22' team.  Maruthi garu recently scores huge success with 'Prathi Roju Pandage'. He brings 'Pandaga' here too. Thanks to the entire technical team of '22'. Special Thanks to Konda KrishnamRaju garu and Maruthi garu. Aditya Music Madhav garu and Niranjan garu have helped us a lot in the Audio of this film. They extend their support commercially too. They have helped us with this teaser launch too. We opted for the title '22' as per the story only. Thanks to each and everyone who is supporting me."

Heroine Saloni Misra said, " Special Thanks to Maruthi garu. I am very happy to be a part of this film. Thanks to Shiva garu who has given me a completely new character for me. This is an Action Thriller. Rupesh garu did a great job. The audience will love it."

Cinematographer Ravi Kiran said, " Thanks to Nagarjuna garu for launching the teaser and Maruthi garu for coming here today. Our film is currently undergoing its post-production works. Everyone will like it. Thanks to the entire team for their work and support."

Art Director Peddi Raju said, " The film came out very well. Thanks to everyone who supported us."

Actor Krishna Chaitanya said, "As the title, '22', The film is also very interesting. Shiva has given me a very good character for me. I can say that this will be my best role this year."

Producer BA Raju said, " Nagarjuna garu introduced many Directors to the industry and all of them became top directors. I met him to ask him to launch the teaser of '22'. When I told him that my son Shiva has directed a film, without continuing my sentence He said that he will launch the teaser. He launched the teaser of '22' and blessed the team. Naga Chaitanya garu wished all the best to the team. Shiva worked for Director Maruthi garu. Out of the affection Maruthi garu has towards Shiva, he came here today and launched the calendar. Thanks to him.  Our well-wisher Kopnda KrishnamRaju gari presence made us happy. Special Thanks to Rupesh garu who has given the opportunity for Shiva to direct this film. This film is going forward with the support of Celebrities from Industry. Those who have watched the teaser are saying that Shiva will become a very big range director. I wish it should happen. Shiva will always have Jaya's blessings with him." 

Rupesh Kumar Choudhary, Saloni Misra, Vikram Jeet Virk, Devi prasad, Jaya Prakash, Ravi Varma, Sasidhar Kosuri, Fidaa Saranya, Rajashri Nair, Pooja Ramachandran, Krishna Chaitanya, Afghanistan Rama Raju, baby Samskruthi, Master Tarun, Master Devansh, Baby Ojal and others are the principal cast.

Cinematography: BV RaviKiran, Music: Sai Kartheek, Editing: Shyam Vadavalli, Choregraphy: ANee Lama, Art: Peddiraju Addala, Action: Stunt Jashuva, Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla, Kasarla Shyam, Production Manager: Kiran Kasa, PRO: BA Raju, Chief Co-director: Pullarao Koppineedi, Producer: Smt Susheela Devi, Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction: Shiva Kumar. B

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