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Anil Ravipudi 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' Interview

'Sarileru Neekevvaru' Is A Purposeful Commercial Entertainer Which Is A Feast For Mahesh Babu Fans That Will Impress  All Sections Of Audience - SuperHit Films Director Anil Ravipudi

Young and Talented Director Anil Ravipudi who debuted with Superhit 'Patas' has turned Successful as a Director with back to back successes of 'Supreme' and 'Raja The Great' impressing everyone. He became one of the most wanted directors with Blockbuster 'F2' which was released for last year's Sankranthi. Now Anil Ravipudi is coming with Superstar Mahesh's out and out Mass Entertainer, 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' Presented by Dil Raju in Sri Venkateswara Creations banner, Produced by RamaBrahmam Sunkara on GMB Entertainment and AK Entertainments banners. Rashmika Mandanna is playing as Heroine while Lady Amitabh Vijayashanthi played a crucial role. 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' is hitting the screens worldwide on January 11th. On this occasion, Here's the interview of Director Anil Ravipudi who is on the verge of continuing his success streak with 'Sarileru Neekevvaru.

You scored a blockbuster for last year Sankranthi with 'F2' and was praised by everyone as 'Sarileru Meekevvaru'.You are coming again with a huge cast starring Superstar Mahesh Babu. How is it going to be for this Sankranthi?
-- This Sankranthi will be more fun than last year. It will be like a Festival feast filled with patriotism, emotions, values, and entertainment that will be enjoyed by everyone.

How was your journey from 'Patas' to 'F2'? How is it now for 'Sarileru Neekevvaru'?
-- I have been learning something for my every film from 'Patas' to 'F2'. Coming to 'Sarileru Neekevvaru, I did this film on a big sale with huge star cast and budget. That too, I am working with Mahesh garu for the first time. I am very lucky that he believed me and gave me this film. I narrated this story to Mahesh garu while I was doing 'F2' itself. He believed in the story and did it with the same conviction right from the start to the end. This film will be my gift to Mahesh garu this Sankranthi for his belief in me.

How did you manage to complete the film in such a short span even with such a huge star cast?
-- I go to shoot with a complete bounded script of the story. Then, there will be no further delay from our side. Anil Sunkara garu has provided everything we asked from the production side. We have shot this film in many sets. Our art director Prakash garu provided them within time and that helped us to quickly complete the shoot. It is due to the constant effort of our entire team, we have completed the shoot in five months.

What is the reason to begin the shoot in Kashmir?
-- This film has an army backdrop and the first 25 mins are crucial. We wanted those visuals to be stunning and shot them in realistic locations.

Did Superstar Mahesh give any suggestions after listening to the story?
-- No. Initially, I narrated the point of the film for 35 mins to Mahesh garu. He liked it very much. He liked his role's characterization and timing. Then, after three months I gave him full narration with the bounded script. He remembers every dialogue in the film from the first to the last.

What is the inspiration for this film?
-- I met a soldier on the train while I was traveling from Jodhpur to Hyderabad during the shoot of 'Supreme'. He was very jovial while I was talking to him. Then I understand that even army personnel are like common people. they know when to act serious and when to spend their time playfully. I inspired by it and wrote the story with those elements.

The audience will own heroism in the role of Soldiers and Police Officers? Is that element helped you while writing this story?
-- Yes, It helped me a lot while I was writing the story.  The roles of a Soldier or Police portrays a heroic image. We deeply connect with every word about the army in this film. Unknowingly, everyone has an inbuilt patriotic feel in them. Everyone will feel the responsibility towards the society and country while watching the soldiers sacrificing their lives for us.

How did you take the challenge of blending Patriotism and Entertainment in this film?
-- When a soldier who fights in war comes to the usual people, everyone seems normal and innocent. He expects them to be responsible as they are fighting for them. Hero's characterization never crosses the line while doing comedy and at the same time it doesn't act too serious too. Mahesh Babu garu perfectly balanced those two variations in his character.

How is it working with Superstar Mahesh?
-- The greatest quality in Mahesh garu is he will give full freedom and treated me like his brother. He is very playful and jovial. We never get the feeling that we are working with a Superstar. He exactly knows what a director wants and does it till we get the desired output.

Is it Mahesh Babu becomes plus to you or Is it you who become plus to Mahesh for this film?
-- Hundred percent it is Mahesh garu who is a huge plus for me. He did many roles and delivered a number of Blockbusters. Doing this film with Mahesh Babu garu is definitely a big plus to my career.

Vijayashanthi is acting after so many years in this film? Tell us about her role in the film?
-- Vijayashanthi garu acted in this film after 13 years. You will get to know why she did this role after watching the film. Her character has so much importance in the story. Vijayashanthi garu is one of the highlights of the film. I have approached her for one of my earlier films. I felt she will surely accept a good role. I wrote this role keeping her in my mind.

You said Mahesh did superb dance in 'Mind Block' song...
-- Yes. Mahesh garu did very good dancing in this film. Basically he is a very good dancer. He might not have danced in some films due to lack of such situations in them. Sekhar master's choreography is too good for 'Mind Block' song. We shot the songs after completing the talkie part. Maybe it's because of the confidence he got on the film after finishing the talkie part, Mahesh garu rocked with his dances. This Sankranthi will be a feast for Mahesh gari Fans.

How is your traveling with Anil Sunkara?
-- Very good. I did three films with Raju garu. I feel it like my own banner. This is the first film I worked in Anil Sunkara gari Production. Anil garu is a very cool person. He provided everything needed for this film. I feel very comfortable doing film in this banner. Moreover, Dil Raju garu is the presenter for this film.

Have you made this film keeping Mahesh's fans in mind?
-- This film has all the elements fans expect from Mahesh Babu. 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' is a purposeful commercial entertainer that will surely impress all sections of the audience. This film will be like a celebration for fans and audiences alike for this festival. 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' is a perfect Sankranthi film with a perfect mix of all commercial elements.

Who is the inspiration for your comedy?
-- Jandhyala garu. He is my favorite director. His films have a very healthy comedy. He is the one who introduced comedy with mannerisms. I am like 'Ekalavya Sishyudu' to him.

Megastar Chiranjeevi spoke high about you in the pre-release event. Is there going to be a film with him?
-- I will be ecstatic if I get that chance. I am waiting for that. I will ready the script in three months if I get a nod from him.

You said that Superstar Krishna garu is also in the film...
-- It is a surprise. You all will be surely thrilled after watching it in theatres.

Mahesh said that he has never enjoyed as he did for this film in his 25 film career...
-- Ia ma very positive person. Even when someone spoke arrogantly with me, I would not react in a fighting manner but ask him why he talked like that. I will keep on eating whenever I am angry. If I am seen eating while shooting, that means I am angry about something at that time. Mahesh garu joked me about my eating too. The dubbing for this film was recording in Home Theatre at Mahesh gari house. When it gets evening, he stops dubbing and arranges tiffin for all of us. He looked after me so well. I have many memorable experiences during the making of this film.

Tell us about The Technicians worked for this film?
--Devi Sri Prasad is the most positive person. He will give whatever needed for the story. I am totally happy as a director. I immensely liked four songs from the album. No one will be in their seats during the songs in theatres. You will witness vintage Devi Sri with this film. Rathnavelu garu is the director's cameraman. He gets ready very fast right after narrating the scene. This film has four fights. Ram - Lakshman garu designed them superbly. Editor Thammiraju garu is the first judge. Everyone will speak about art director Prakash gari sets after the release.

A lot of films are releasing for this Sankranthi...
-- Along with 'Sarileru Neekevvaru', Rajinikanth gari 'Darbar' on January 9th, Bunny gari 'Ala Vakunthapurramuloo..' on January 12th and My first hero Nandamuri Kalyan ram gari 'Entha Manchi Vaadavuraa' on January 15th are releasing for this Sankranthi. I wish all of them to become successful and everyone should be happy during this festival.... By saying this Superhit Director Anil Ravipudi concludes the interview.

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