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Light House Cine Magic's 'Raghava Reddy' title announcement

Light House Cine Magic's 'Raghava Reddy' title announcement

The title of Light House Cine Magic's Production No. 2 was announced on Thursday at HyLife Pub, Hyderabad. Senior artist Ajay Ghosh made the announcement and said that the makers are going with the title 'Raghava Reddy'.  'Criminals On Escape' is the tagline.

Speaking on the occasion, Ajay Ghosh said, "We have finalized this title after contemplating so many names.  As for doing this film, I had never imagined that I would be doing something like this one.  The makers hold progressive ideas.  I urge the media to promote our film and take our honest and nice attempt to the audience.  It began as a small film.  And now, it has become a big one." 

Director Sanjeev Megoti said, "I had done a number of movies in Telugu before moving on to Sandalwood, where I did a few big-ticket movies.  Despite carving a name for myself in the Kannada film industry, I have had the urge to prove myself in Telugu.  That's why I am making a comeback with 'Raghava Reddy'.  I now have the opportunity to prove myself.  Coming to the subject of the movie, it tells the story of a sharp-witted Criminology professor who can analyze the nature of any crime just by looking at the drops of blood at a crime scene.  He is ahead of even cops.  Nandita Swetha plays an arrogant and glamorous role of the kind she hasn't done before.  Raasi garu is making a comeback.  Sneha Gupta is doing an item song and she is an amazing dancer.  We have a strong technical team that has pulled off a nice product.  I thank the presenters and producers for being pillars of support.  This one is an action-thriller wherein no villain can escape from Raghava Reddy." 

Sneha Gupta, who is doing a song titled 'Chadivinde Ne 10th Ro, Ayyindemo Doctor', said, "The item song is coming out really well.  The choreography, the music, etc are great." 

One of the producers Rambabu Yadav said, "We had planned to complete the movie in 50 days.  And we are on target.  Sanjeev Megoti's story is really unique.  I always knew that he will make the film in a new way.  This is our second collaboration with Siva Kantamaneni, the first one being 'Akkadokaduntadu'.  The audience will be thrilled with our film's content.  It's a movie for all age groups".

Siva Kantamaneni said, "Our first film together was successful.  I thank the media for cooperating with us.  The film has a crime backdrop.  But it's not just about one genre.  A Telugu movie has to have all the nine 'rasas'.  It's a complete movie, a family-oriented action thriller.  The interval scene involving myself and Raasi garu, and the climax segment involving actors like Nandita Swetha, Posani garu, Raashi, etc will be emotional.  An action scene with Ajay Ghosh garu will be a highlight.  He has played a comedic villain in the movie.  Raghu Babu, Ajay and others have strong roles". 

Cast & Crew:

Siva Kantamaneni, Raasi, Nandita Swetha, Srinivas Reddy, Posani Krishna Murali, Bithiri Sathi, Ajay, Raghu Babu, Ajay Ghosh, Praveen, Annapurnamma, Chammak Chandra, Sneha Gupta, Meena Kumari, BHEL Prasad, R Venkateswar Rao, Chandrakanth, Lab Sarath.

Dialogues: Anjan, Lyrics: Sagar Narayana, Editing: Aavula Venkatesh, Art Direction: KV Ramana, Music: Yasaswini Gunnu, Sudhakar Mariyo, Fights: Sindhuram Satish, Choreography: Bhanu, Kiran, Cinematographer: SN Harish.

Producers: KS Shankar Rao, R Venkateswar Rao, G Rambabu Yadav.  Story, screenplay, direction: Sanjeev Megoti.

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