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SIRA Novel - SYNOPSIS -  *Launch event on 17th Nov (Sunday) 6PM at Prasad Labs

*You all know the Part 1 of this story..*  This story has happened in your neighborhood, if not in your own family.. This is the story of every teenager, who, pressurized by his college and the education system, has taken the dreadful step of committing suicide. The college doesn’t take any responsibility of his death.. Neither does the media make it a social issue nor does the government address the issue with commitment.. Suicides continue, commissions are set up to enquire but their recommendations are never implemented.. This story has happened in hundreds of homes in the Telugu states over the past two decades..

*SIRA is the second part of the story*.. Ram, a law graduate, takes it to the court.. Pitted against Murthy, one of the finest lawyers in the country, Ram fights tooth and nail, against all odds to make sure the system is made accountable.

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