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'MIS(S)MATCH' First Look Launched

Adhiroh Creative Signs llp  -  Production No.1  'MIS(S)MATCH' First Look Launched By Noted Director "KRISH'

Mis(s)Match is a film which has made the right noise from the past few days. The first look of the film was launched today by star director Krish and the entire team of the film attended the event.
 Adhiroh Creative Signs is a new production house, based in Hyderabad., started  their first venture titled "MIS(S)MATCH' The hero of the film is Udayshankar of ‘Aata Gadara Shiva’ (Telugu) fame and the heroine is Aishwarya Rajesh of ‘Kaka Muttai’ (Tamil) and ‘Kanna’ (Tamil) fame, (she is the daughter of late Actor Rajesh).  Director NV Nirmal Kumar is debuting in Telugu.  He has directed the Tamil superhit film ‘Salim’, ftg Vijay Anthony.  The . The story is by Bhupathi Raja, a story writer of many a hit fame.

 The storyline of the film is a holistic family entertainer with a sports element being dealt with.

 Krish says "Director Nirmal Kumar has been a close friend of mine from the past few years. I understood his style of making from the movie Dr Saleem itself. I am confident that this film will be a bigger hit than that film. Then, coming to writer Bhupati Raja garu, there is no need to talk about him as we all know his stature and experience well. I also am thankful to producer Sriram for letting me do this honor. Hero Uday Shankar is a promising actor and heroine Aishwarya Rajesh is a known actress and I wish the entire team all the best."

Writer Rajendra Prasad says "This film is a pure love story with a unique backdrop. I have seen the rushes of the film and am confident that the film will impress many. Aishwarya Rajesh is a performer and is proved with this film again. Hero Uday has done well and director Nirmal Kumar's work is impressive. I wish the entire team all the best".

Bhutpati Raja says"I thank the director Krish for launching our first look poster. The film is made by a young team and will attract the youth completely. Everyone in the team has worked hard and I wish the young main lead all the best for this film".

Hero Uday Shankar says" Thank you Krish Sir for launching our poster. As soon as I heard the story, I told my producers that I will do this film at any cost. My character has come out well and the shoot is going on as expected. I thank all the seniors who have come to the event and I will speak more about this beautiful film during the audio launch day."

Dialogue writer Madhu says" Bhupati Raja sir has given me a golden opportunity to write dialogues in the film. I am making use of this opportunity to the best of my ability. His stories are ever youthful and this film also is very contemporary. I thank my director and producer who have helped me in my journey.

Producer Bharat Ram says "I thank everyone who has graced this event. I am here only because of Sree Ram sir and we are happy that his son Uday Shankar is acting his this film which we feel will be a big hit. I will talk more about the film in the coming days" 

Music director Girton Elias says "I have got a golden opportunity to compose music for this film. The songs have come out and I am looking forward for your response".

Cameraman Ganesh Chandra says" This is my first Telugu cinema and I am happy that I have worked with the best team. Both Uday Shankar and Aishwarya have done well in the film. I am hoping that this film will be a big hit.

Director Nirmal Kumar says "I am very happy to be associated with this film. Like how you have appreciated Dr. Saleem, you will also surely like this movie. Hero Uday, the producer and heroine, I thank the entire team for co-operating with me during this film". 

The remaining cast is Sanjay Swarup, Pradeep Rawat, Roopa Lakshmi and others.
Crew; Dialogues Rajendra Kumar and Madhu, Lyrics by Sri Seetharama Sastri and Suddala Ashoka Teja, Music Director Gifton Elias, Cinematographer  Ganesh Chandrra Art Direction by Manivasagam,

Director NV Nirmal Kumar 

Producers – G.Sriram Raju and Bharat Ram

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