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‘Gorilla’ movie releasing on June 21st

Rangam fame Jeeva, Arjun Reddy fame Shalini Pandey’s
 ‘Gorilla’ movie releasing on June 21st

As we can see many movies featuring on ‘Daring Hero - Loyal Animal/Creature’ concept, it’s been proven successful in the recently released Hollywood movie ‘Aladdin’ too.
Interestingly, a new south Indian film ‘Gorilla’ on the same concept is all set to test its fortune, starring Rangam movie fame Jeeva.
While Arjun Reddy fame Shalini Pandey, who proved her acting mettle with ‘118’ is signed it to play the female lead, this heist comedy thriller is written and directed by Don Sandy under Ganga Shabareesh Reddy’s production and Santoshi’s presentation in Ganga Entertainment along with All In Pictures.

Speaking about the movie, producer Shabareesh Reddy says, “What’s the mere help that a Gorilla did to a group of robbers in a bank? What actually is the reason behind the robbery? What happened to the gorilla after the robbery? Is what takes the story forward excitingly. We brought Kong, a gorilla which is trained at a reputed gorilla training center ‘Saamut’ in Thailand to act in our movie. Attempting it for the first time in Indian film industry, we shot the major part of the movie in Thailand and the rest in India. Every frame is exciting and entertaining as we tried to present a visual feast to every audient with enough comedy and thrills to watch. However, we are planning to release the Theatrical Trailers and songs very soon while scheduling a worldwide release on June 21st.”

Cast: Jeeva, Shalini Pandey, Kong (Gorilla), Radha Ravi, Yogi Babu, Rajendran, Ramdoss, Sathish, Vivek Prasanna

Music Director: Sam C. S.

Cinematography: R. B. Gurudev

Editor: Anthony L. Ruben

Producer: Ganga Shabareesh Reddy

Story-Screenplay-Direction: Don Sandy

Executive Producer: Umesh. T. Pranav

PRO: Pulagam Chinnarayana

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