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2 States Director Filed Case on Producer

2 States DIRECTOR VENKAT REDDY’s court case on Producer MLV SATHYANARAYANA(sathi babu), starring ADIVI SESH and SHIVANI RAJASHEKAR.

This film is based on a novel written by Chetan bhagat The film shoot is going on under the banner Lakshya productions, in the direction of debutante director venkat reddy with a lead pair adivi sesh and shivani rajashekar(debut).

After completion of almost 70% of the movie, now the shooting came to a halt  due to creative differences between director and producer. producer under the influence of some people kept on telling many changes in script which are completely useless and I completely denied to change my script, On the above issue director venkat reddy says:
I completed my graduation in direction in BALAJI TELE FILMS in Mumbai, later I assisted for few films at star director V.V. VINAYAK and now started my own film 2 STATES by purchasing the remake rights from Mumbai, Before many days to the shooting itself I narrated the complete script to MLV Satyanayana(sathi babu), adivi sesh and shivani rajashekar and with their complete approval on script I started shooting and completed 70% of the film as of now, Few days earlier producer himself announced that all the artists, technicians and producer are whole heartedly happy about the out put that we shot till now.
But now few people are trying to deviate the story in a wrong way, And producer also suggested me to add changes in the script for which I completely disagreed, So putting that in his mind producer along with few people are trying to take me out of the project and spread some false news about me in various news papers and in social media and tried to defame me, By knowing that I filed a complaint in court against producer MLV SATHYANARAYANA(sathi babu)
COURT CASE DETAILS :  O.P NO. 3 of 2019. Next day of hearing 30/5/2019.. Vacation Court C.C.C. Hyderabad
After the discussion in vacation court in civil court, court demanded an explanation from  MLV SATHYANARAYANA on 30th may of this month.
I am not only just a director for this film, I am also one of the partners and the profit holder as the movie rights are completely under my name. and according to the agreement that I made in Mumbai, the remake rights and direction rights for the hindi remake of 2 STATES are completely belongs to me, If any other director tries to finish the remaining 30% of the film, he will be punished under court laws, and for making changes in the script and for trying to taking me out of the project I will surely bring out all the names and few more unknown things out, after considering with court.

Venkat reddy

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