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Will #Saaho be the face of Indian Action Movies?

Will #Saaho be the face of Indian Action Movies?

After Bahubali the face of Telugu Cinema among all its linguistic counterparts in India has changed. It is not even exaggeration in saying Bahubali became the face of Indian Cinema in the world. Makers are now investing more time and money in Telugu cinema than they used to spend before Bahubali series smashed all the Indian box office records. Rebel Star Prabhas is now a national star and he earned a strong fan base all over India.

That led makers to invest more in Prabhas’s movies and the response to making videos of Saaho proved they are right. The first chapter of Shades of Saaho which was released last year became the huge hit and the second chapter too is now making some mind-boggling number on Social media. Chapter 2 became the highest viewed making video for any Indian film with a whopping 12 Million view count on Youtube within a day. Not only that it is the only one to have social media reach with 79 Million and it is the only making video which has liked almost 3 million times within 24 hrs.

Makers of Saaho roped in top technicians from all over the world to work for it and director Sujith who is directing his second movie is not leaving any stones unturned. If everything goes according to the plan Saaho will emerge as the iconic action film of India on the world stage and we aren't even exaggerating future outcomes. Let's wait and see how Saaho will change the dynamics of Telugu/Indian movie making.

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