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Upendra's new-age movie 'I Love You' teaser launched

The Telugu Teaser of 'I Love You', starring Sandalwood superstar Upendra, was released at an event held in Hyderabad on Monday.  Upendra and the film's cast and crew attended the event.  Dil Raju, Lagadapati Sridhar and YVS Chowdary graced it as guests.

Speaking on the occasion, Dil Raju said, "Back in the late 1990s, I would find Upendra garu's movies quite crazy.  It's only after reading the script of 'Arya' that I understood the nuances of balancing a negative character in a way that the audience love.  I wish that 'I Love You' will become a big hit in both Telugu and Kannada."

Lagadapati Sridhar said, "Upendra garu is a real star.  His cult classic 'OM' is one of my all-time favourite movies.  With 'A', he became a cult star.  With films like 'Son Of Sathyamurthy', too, he won our hearts. I know many people in my circle who really love him.  He lives life king size and is a big inspiration to many.  He is a fabulous actor, writer and has command over all the crafts of filmmaking.  I think he has once again made a film that every youngster is going to love.  It shows post-marriage love and is a refreshing endeavour.  'I Love You' comes with the caption 'Nanne Preminchu'.  Its director, R Chandru, is the godfather of love stories, having made beautiful love stories such as 'Taj Mahal'.  When 'Charminar' was remade in Telugu as 'Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini', it won the Best Romantic Movie award at the Jaipur Film Festival.  I want to do a straight Telugu film with Upendra garu as director.  He has also entered politics with a people-centric agenda.  I wish him all the success for the coming elections."

YVS Chowdary said, "If I have come to this stage in life, it's only because of NT Rama Rao garu's blessings.  Coming to this film, its very logo is unique.  Director R Chandru's movies come with delicate sensibilities and human values.  Upendra garu is a frank person and his characters in movies have no secrets.  The caption 'Nanne Preminchu' is so apt in his case.  Long before an 'Arjun Reddy' and a 'Rx 100' were made, Upendra garu did far more intense love stories.  'A' and 'OM' are the best examples.  Puri Jagannadh's characterizations are strong.  Before him, Upendra garu came up with strong ones.  I had the opportunity to work with him long back during my association with Vyjayanthi Movies as a Co-Director.  He could have done an unbelievably crazy movie with even Chiranjeevi garu.  He has always broken the rules of the game.  His movies possess social values.  He is forthright even as a politician.  I wish him and director R Chandru all the best." 

Sanjjana said, "The trailer is very promising.  Upendra garu is ever-so-young.  He has always maintained himself thoroughly.  As for R Chandru, he is Sandalwood's most dynamic director.  Much like Puri Jagannadh gave me a break in Telugu, he gave me a break in Kannada with a film opposite Sivarajkumar. I wish the entire team all the best."

Balaji, High Court lawyer, said, "Upendra garu is one hero whose films belong to a whole different genre.  I have always loved his kind of movies.  As for director Chandru, his treatment and message-oriented cinema are so lovable.  I know the story of 'I Love You'.  It's a never-seen-before story.  I have a wish to make a movie with Jr NTR garu and Chandru in Telugu."

Sainath, the film's dialogue-writer, said, "Creativity with strong conviction defines Upendra garu's and Chandru's movies.  YVS Chowdary garu came from a humble backdrop and has today become a rich and successful man.  Same holds true for Upendra garu and Chandru."

Suresh Reddy, one of the producers, said, "Upendra garu has made cult movies like 'A'.  And he now has more than 20 years of experience.  He is the 'baap' of cult movies."

Srikanth, another of the producers, said, "R Chandru has been one of my long-time friends.  It was after my SSC that I watched 'A'.  Upendra garu made 'Arjun Reddy'-type movies even in the 1990s."

Actor Sudhakar said, "A look at my hairstyle will tell you that I am a big fan of Upendra garu.  When I watch his cult movies, I become speechless.  Long back, when I made a documentary on Shiva's temples in India, I happened to meet him on the sets of a film and showed him the documentary.  He liked it so much and even gave his and his manager's phone number.  Despite being a superstar, he received me and my team so well.  He is one of the top 10 film personalities in India.  Chandru garu's movies have got a lot of emotions.  He has fresh ideas and is always ahead of his times."

Director-producer R Chandru said, "I will always be indebted to Lagadapati Sridhar garu for introducing me to Tollywood with the remake of 'Charminar'.  He always felt that I have should do a Telugu movie.  'I Love You' is my 11th movie as the director.  My association with Uppi sir has been long.  This film is about love and transient pleasure.  But it's romantic and not erotic.  We feel that 'I Love You' will be like a 'Githanjali'.  It's a beautiful family entertainer. It tells us who we should love and who we shouldn't.  The narration is in the mould of Uppi sir's movies."

Upendra said, "We need writers and directors like Chandru.  People ask me what is the secret of my youthful looks.  I would just say that I started from zero.  When you start from nothing, you realize that there is everything in nothingness.  You have to be the most creative.  I had to do small-budget movies with newcomers and I had to push myself every time so that no scene in the movie would bore the audience.  Even in politics, I have started from zero.  My political party seeks to herald casteless politics.  It's because politics has become a business that healthcare, education and everything else has become a business.  Twenty percent of people rule the rest of us.  We need transparency in public life.  I always unlearn to learn and relearn.  Too many thoughts can play a spoilsport.  Let us have fresh thoughts always." 

Cast & Crew:

Superstar, Real Star Upendra, Dimple Queen Rachitha Ram, Sonu Gowda, Brahmananam, Honavalli Krishna, Jai Jagadeesh, Pd Satish.

Production House: Sri Siddeshwara Enterprises
Producer: R Chandru
Executive Producer: Munindra K Pura
Written & Directed by: R Chandru
Music: Dr Kiran Thotambyle
Lyrics: Dr.Challa Bhagyalakshmi
Cinematography: Sugnan
Editing: Deepu S Kumar
Art Direction: Mohan B Kere
PRO: Naidu - Phani
Choreography: Chinni Prakash, Dhanu, Mohan
Stunts: Ganesh, Vinod, Dr. K Ravi Verma
Line Producer: Vijay Suriya
Costume Designer: Archana (Upendra), Tejaswini (Rachitha Ram)
Costumer: Gandasi Nagaraj

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