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Bilalpur police station Review

Check out the review of Bilalpur Police Station
Production company - MS Creations
Actors - Maganti Srinath, Shanvi Meghna, Gorati Venkanna, Pranavi, RS Nanda, Venkat Gowda, Mallesh, Vaibhav
 Siddhala Ashok Teja, Ramanjaneya Maunasri Malik, Neela Narsimha, Siddhala Malik, Neela Narsimha,
Katha and Producer - Mahankali Srinivas,
Writing and directing - Nagasai Magam.

Even though we are living in cities our routes belongs to villages  That's why the rural things, the stories and the scenes are on our minds. Past memories will be remembered. Such stories are low in cinemas. Last year, rangasthalam became a rural background. The latest Bilalpur police station movie is the same.

When it comes to story
A new young police officer   Surya (Maganti Srinath) comes  to Bilalpur. His wish is to bring good name to the police career. He wants to do without the tragedies of social workers. Survival with local intrigues for the sun that comes from Bilalpur with such motives is irritating. Surya is impatient rather than understand how to deal with  small cases. Surender (Gorati Venkanna), a head constable working in the Surya  Station. Surendar is considered to be the man who is born in the town. Whether it's professionally police or anything else,  In this order the city becomes very difficult for the police. Surender's daughter works as a teacher  in school. Surya falls in love with her. Both love each other. On the other hand, some boys are accustomed to small thefts. Surya tries to catch them. Meanwhile, the worst incident in the town is a challenge to the police. What is that event? It's an interesting ending how the police officer has changed the sun.

Talent of actors ..
Singer Gorati Venkanna is the pillar of Bilalpur Police Station. His role in the role of Head Constable Surender is impressive. Vannkanna is a naturally acted In the entertainment scenes, Vennkanna's performance is hilarious ... the police are going to feel emotionally in the process of describing pain in the profession. Magti Srinath was acting as a young police officer. The qualities that a young officer must have appeared in his acting. Sanvi work is impressive We recall the beautiful girl we know in the village. All the scenes with RS Nanda are good . Venkat l, Mallesh and Vaibhav have done justice to their roles.

Technical expertise ...
The young director of the Bilalpur Police Station, naturally and entertaining, was the success of the young director Nagasai Magam. The new director has created a film with a mix of commercial elements. Bilalpur is like the story around us. V Ramana cinematography is another attraction to the film. The camera eye touched the new waves in the direction of village beauty. The best thing about the police has shown well lsuddala Ashok Teja. Gorati Venkanna and Maunasri Malik songs have come with good values.  Music is good  MS Creations company has high production values. Producer Mankali Srinivas has shown his interest in doing a good film as his debut film.

Analysis ..
Bilalpur Police Station is a good choice for audiences who want to have a meaningful film. In a way, this is a movie that mirrors our public life.

Rating 3/5

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