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Producer Udaykumar About 4 Letters

4 Letters' is a trendy, relatable romantic entertainer: Producer Udaykumar

Producer Uday Kumar Dommaraju's '4 Letters' is gearing up for a theatrical release.  At a time when newcomers are making their mark in the industry, Eswar is the newest hero in the town.  His debut film is titled '4 Letters' and it releases on February 8.  He chose to become an actor and here he is.  In this interview, producer Uday Kumar Dommaraju talks about the film, the debutant actor, director R Raghu Raj and more. 


I hail from Tirupathi.  I completed Masters in Environmental Engineering from Chennai.  I later worked in the Central Public Works Development Department for three years as a civil engineer and went to the US in 1997.  I have been staying in New York City with my family for 21 years.  I am the Director at New York City Department Of Transportation and am quite happy on the professional front.  My wife is Hemalatha.  Eswar (film's hero) and Divya are our two children.  We love cinema and music a lot.

Many years ago, my father went to Chennai to produce movies.  That way, we have some association with the film industry.  But my father couldn't continue with films.  I too never had much focus on film production.

*Eswar's enthusiasm for acting*

My son Eswar has been very enthusiastic about movies since childhood.  Since he is passionate about music, he learned Carnatic vocal.  He can play the flute well and is a nice singer.  He has participated in NATA Idol programmes a number of times.  My both children have been active in cultural activities in New York.  Divya has been training for Bharata Natyam.  Manju Bhargavi garu, yesteryear actress and a danseuse, once had high appreciation for my daughter.  Since Eswar has always been a performer, he never had stage fear.  It was only three years ago that he told me he loves acting.  I enrolled him in the classes of acting guru Sathyanand garu, who has trained big names.  He took so much care of my son.  When he told us that Eswar can become a good actor, our confidence only increased. 

Although Eswar started living in the US since he was five, he can speak fluent Telugu.  He has done a short film titled 'Aa Iddaru'.  It's my wish that he turns into a director.  But since his primary interest lies in acting, he has done '4 Letters' as the maiden venture under my banner.

*Director has done a great job*

My line of business has had nothing to do with movies.  I knew cinema as an audience, not as a producer.  Despite this, we could complete '4 Letters' without hiccups only because of the cooperation of the entire team.  R Raghu Raj garu had directed 'Kalusukovalani'.  It was a big hit.  He later got associated with Tamil and Kannada movies.  He went abroad to improve his technical knowledge.  He is a very talented director.  Although Eswar is a newcomer, he could extract the best out of him. 

*Self-belief matters the most*

It's true that some friends did caution us before we stepped into the film industry.  You need to believe in yourself, whatever may be the industry.  With faith and self-confidence, you can make it smooth.  Our team has delivered a nice product.

Our Production Controller Bhaskar Raju, Ramakrishna and Mohan Raju supported us a lot.  My brother Bhaskar Raju Dommaraju too has been passionately involved with the film.  I just trusted him with my son. 

*Highlights of '4 Letters'*

The scenes that unfold against the college backdrop are so good in the movie.  It's a pucca youthful entertainer.  There is no place for villainism in the story.  We are sure that the current generation will relate to it at so many levels.  The human relations and emotions are so good.  There are no drawbacks.  It's a breezy entertainer.  It's an apt story for a newcomer like my son. 

It's only with pucca planning that we could complete the movie in a short period.  Once the script was locked, no changes were made.  There was no disturbance.  The director planned all the schedules tightly. 

*Technical departments*

We are sure that the music will be a major highlight of '4 Letters'.  Bheems Ceciroleo gave us amazing tunes.  The RR too has come out great.  The lyrics are amazing. The songs have got the best response.  Other technical departments are equally wonderful.  Raghu Raj garu's dialogues, editing, story and screenplay will stand out.

*Eswar is getting praises*

We recently watched the first copy and the output boosted my confidence.  I am glad everybody who has watched the movie has said that Eswar has performed the role like an experienced actor.  His dialogue delivery, dances, etc are amazing.  Besides dubbing his voice, he has also rendered a song. 

*That's the meaning of title*

You will understand the meaning of the title if you see the tagline, and more so if you watch the movie.  The entire drama revolves around those four letters.  The message of the film is that youngsters can do anything if they aspire to. 

*Future plans*

We are planning movies continuously on our banner.  We will keep introducing new talents.

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