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Natana Movie Review

Check out the review of Natana movie Starring Maheedhar, Shrava Rao, Bhanu Chandran, Raghubabu, Prabhas Srinu, Raghuvarma, Surya, Nalini, Zabardath Fani, Apparau, Dorababu, Sarada Sahithya, Surya Kumari and others produced by Kubreprasad under Kubera Arts banner Bhavari Shetty Ramanjaneyulu Rajyalakshmi under the guidance of Gurucharan Movie Edited by V. Nagireddy Prabhu Praveen Lanka composed Music Art Vijay Krishna Lyrics Bharti Babu Line producers N Venkateswara Rao, Akkineni Srinivasa Rao Camera Vasu Producer: Writing and direction By  Bharathibabu S

Suspense thriller scenes should be gripping scenes to audiences. Such a movie will impress the audience. But the success of the film depends on how well the director has done the scenes. Every week the suspense thrillers come forward to the audience.  This week Natana came to entertain audience What did director Bharti Babu say about this film? Let's look at the cinematography to see how much effort has been made with almost new actors.

Coming to the   story Sriram (Mahadeadhar) wants to become a hero and wants to get the director with the help of his friends. Janaki (Srivastava) is a common friend. The love between Sriram and Janaki will fall in love. His love is also blessed by his father Surya. All those who want to be in the cine field will be behind Shankaranna (Prabhas Srinu). But those who think Shankaranna is using them will go to RK (Raghubabu). He deceives them. Again, Shankar is back to supporting them. At the same time, a worker in a large bungalow in the big bungalow killing the owner and enjoying the property .. The owner's daughter is also in his control.  Sankarana Sriram tells that he is shooting for his friends and takes him to the bungalow. Bhupathi in that bungalow gives permission to shoot them. But in turn, the camera men Dorababu, co director of the director, Sankrananna will die. Who can cause these deaths? Who is the Bhupathi? How do you get out of the accident of Sriram and Janaki? To know the things we should watch the film

Bhanu Chandran, Prabhasri, Raghubabu, Surya and newcomers like Mahidhar and Shrava Rao have done well in the film. The range of characters is well represented. Cinema First of all about hero and his friends in the field of cinematography .. their efforts .. hero heroine between love scenes. Bhanu Chander will give the character entry after the interval. The role of Sivaram is a bit suspicious and the interest of the character has provoked interest. The scenes in the bungalow are interesting. Prabhu Pravin Lanka Background Music .. Natana title song is good. Camera work is good. The comedy scenes between Prabhas Sreenu, Raghu Babu, Apparao and Phani are good. Director Bharathi Babu has done well. But the scenes should be more interesting. If director take more care in designing the characters, it would be nice. Editing  should be taken care of. Some scenes are missingsync .

 Finally Natana is impressive Rating: 3/5

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