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U Movie Review

Kewera on the Koevera Creations banner in Mrs. Nagana's 'U', starring Himanshi Katragadu hero heroines. This is the movie produced by Vijayalakshmi Konda in the self-directed Kovera. `Katie Hero` is a tagline. The film was recently released. Let's see how this picture is.
Story: Rinavaram is a senior police officer working as SI Abhimanyu (kovera). He is married to Shashi (Himanshi Katragadda) of the same village. As the two of them live smoothly, Abhimanyu is going to call Annu from a person .. It's your head master master (Shubhalbha Sudhakar) is related to underworld dons. Initially, the SI ... is repeatedly suspecting the same call and arrest the Head Master. In such a case, some thugs attacked the SI Abhimanyu and abducted the Head Master. Who attacked the SI? Who kidnapped the Head Master? Who is the Original Head Master? Why are he in Rudrakatra What is the relationship between the underworld mafia? And the details of the movie can be seen.
Story Story: Analysis: Underlying the background, many of these fairy tales have come. All of them appreciate the audience. But the underground background movie is that the man's gun culture ... bloodbaths appear before us. But in contrast to the new point in the film 'u', the hero is director Kovara. Underline World Mafia is the new point of view of today's unlocking banking system, consisting of the concept of 'Yu', which is a collapse of the financial system that has been illegally acquired. The first half of the fun in the movie Interval is a twist before the curiosity in the audience. In sequentafe it takes it even more rapidly ... The underworld mafia hit the hero to hit the audience. 'U' is a crime based story for the underworld. Of course, the audience is impressive.
Hero Koevera is a well-known police officer. His acting in the second half of the year is particularly appealing to the audience. In action scenes, a mass hero rang in the range. Dialog delivery as well. Himanshu Kathragadu played by him in the role of his character. This NTR is playing the role of Purandeswari in biopic. The main attraction is to play Sudhakar O Impa Role as the Head Master. His story is a narrative story and narrative of the story. The rest of the roles were justified to the extent of their characters.
The film is directed to the heroine movie and the film is very useful to him. The selected story is new. Kovera succeeded as a director in showing his point of view on the screen. Music is irrelevant. Editing is good. Production values ​​are rich. Cinematography is good. Because the underworld mafia stories are interesting and interesting ... this weekend is fun. Go and watch it.
Rating: 3

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