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Terrific Response for Ee Office Lo Webseries

A small peice of review about Ee Office Lo. The response has been amazing.   and if haven’t watched yet. Please do watch it

“A few years ago, a new trend started in Telugu under the name 'Web Series'  And so far we had a lot of stories told by creators. Among them, there are a few that wont go off our mind. One such web series is 'E Office Lo'.

Right from the beginning, you get connected with every single character. Literally you fall in love with them all. You hardly find a story that has characters equally important and this is one such story.

'E Office Lo' is not just a story, but an emotional journey. We have a lot of people around us who faced a lot of troubles in the initial stages of their career. We all have a dream to acheive, situations to handle, family to take care of and under such pressure we need to move on. And if you have experienced it, you will love this web series and it will become your favourite instantly.

All the characters fit into the screenplay and are well designed in a way that we experience every emotion possible. Music plays a very important role in elevating the mood and is apt.”

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