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Prabhas Launched Inttelligent First Song

"I Wish 'Inttelligent' To Become Biggest Blockbuster" - Young Rebel Star Prabhas At First Song Launch

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej's next is 'Inttelligent' with Lavanya Tripathi as Heroine Directed by Sensational Director VV Vinayak in C.Kalyan's Production under 'C.K.Entertainments' banner. Teaser which was released yesterday garnered tremendous response allover and is continuously trending with Millions of views. "Ika Meedata Pedodiki Platform...Dharam Bhai dot com" dialogue in teaser strikes a chord and hinted about the range of film. First song 'Let's Do It Now' composed by Sensational Music Director S.S.Thaman is released by Young Rebel Star Prabhas on Jan 28th at 4 PM. Chandra Bose provided the lyrics for this song. Film has completed its entire work and is all set to hit the screens worldwide on February 9th.

On this occasion,

Young Rebel Star Prabhas said, " Vinayak Garu hesitatingly called me to launch the song. I will come to anywhere, any function if he just messages me. I enjoyed a lot in my life during the shoot of 'Yogi'. I said to Rajamouli Garu that during shoot Vinayak Garu makes me very comfortable. When Tej visited sets of 'Saaho' I told him that he is very lucky to work with Vinayak Garu. My most favourite song in the film is 'Chamaku Chamaku Cham'. It is one of the best songs of Chiranjeevi Garu. Chiranjeevi Garu is superb in that song. I am eagerly waiting to see how Teju did that song. Vinayak Garu is coming with a biggest blockbuster. All the best to entire team. I wish this film to become biggest blockbuster."

Sensational Director VV Vinayak said, "Prabhas is like an emblem of friendship. He values his friends. It is very rare to find such a heartful person in film industry. I never ask anyone anything. I don't invite anyone to functions. I casually called Prabhas and invited him to launch the song. He immediately answered ' Hey Darling, just tell me the time and place'. I was very happy with his response. Usually Prabhas won't meet many people. He spends time mostly with his closed ones. He enjoys very small things. He came here to share such kind of happiness to all of us. Thanks to Prabhas on behalf of our entire team. It makes us happy that everyone is saying that Teju in teaser looks like Chiranjeevi Garu. Teju did superb in this film. For the first time Lavanya did commercial heroine character. This film will get her a new fame. All my films with writer Siva Akula became big hits. I wish this film will become a very big hit too."

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej said, " We consider Prabhas Anna as one of our family member. Thanks to Prabhas Anna for launching the first song in our film. I thanks Director Vinayak Garu, Producer C.Kalyan Garu for giving me this film. Lavanya did very good role. We all worked together for a very good film. I wish everyone will bless us by watching our film on February 9th."

Producer C.Kalyan said, " Thanks to Young Rebel Star for launching the first song of our film 'Inttelligent' produced under our C.K.Entertainments banner. His good nature came from Krishnam Raju Garu. Krishnam Raju Garu will be seen always smiling. That's why we call him 'Navvula Raju'. Their blood always seeks everyone around them to be happy. Prabhas too is such a good hearted person. I am very happy that the first song 'Let's Do It Now' written by Chandra Bose is released by Prabhas. This film has four songs. We will release a new song for every four hours starting today. Bhaskarabhatla and Varikuppala Yadagiri also provided very good lyrics for other songs. Our Hero Sai Dharam Tej did fantastic dances to all songs. Lavanya Tripathi too did typical dance movements very well. Lavanya will recieve love calls after this film. This film is getting released worldwide on February 9th. We will speak about the film's success on February 10th. On behalf of our entire team, I Thank Prabhas for coming here to launch the first song of our film 'Inttelligent' ".

Writer Akula Siva said, " Title recieved very good response. All songs came out very well. Thaman gave superb music. Film is releasing on February 9th. We are confident that this film will become a big hit and bring very good name for all of us. Thanks to Vinayak Garu and Kalyan Garu for this opportunity."

Heroine Lavanya Tripathi said, " Thanks to Vinayak Garu and Kalyan Garu for making me a part of this film. Thanks to Prabhas for launching first song of our film. Everyone will enjoy this film."  

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