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127 B’ mystery raising a lot of curiosity

*‘127 B’ mystery raising a lot of curiosity Before release

The moment a film’s title is announced you can easily figure out what it conveys and sometimes it also conveys the genre as well. However, one film has grabbed the attention of many not just with its title but also with its pre release posters. It is ‘127 B’ and those who have seen the poster , Teaser and Trailer sense it is some sort of thriller but what’s the essence behind the title is intriguing.
For now, the details present are, ‘127 B’ happens to be the first ever Hyderabadi Horror Comedy movie made with top notch technical standards. It is being touted as the game changer for the Hyderabadi Deccanwood circuit as it has many special features. For starters, it has the superstar trio of Dheer Charan Srivastav, Mast Ali and Aziz Naser in the lead with a beautiful girl named Heena as the leading lady.
The film marks the debut of Seshu KMR who has been part of Tollywood and Bollywood from nearly two decades and did many projects with Ram Gopal Varma and other Popular Directors. He has introduced the revolutionary Flowsound System which created a sensation in the entertainment industry. Seshu KMR  is also a renowned music composer and sound design specialist whose penchant to think out of the box has resulted in ‘127 B’.  So far, the inside report has been quite positive on this project.
This is hitting the screens on December 8th .1 story , 2 Extremes , 7 Gates and a blind myth,so let’s watch the film to unravel this mystery.

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