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Producer Bunny Vasu interview

Here is the interview of Producer Bunny Vasu on the occasion of his latest flick Next Nuvve movie which is scheduled to release on Nov 3rd 

Tell us about Next Nuvve ? 
Next Nuvve will be the entertaining film in recent times  right from the frame one to The End Card total film will go in Entertaining way audience will connect to the film and definitely this film will be the hit film in V4 Movies banner 

About Director Prabhakar ?
Director Prabhakar is my friend who has good direction skills and narrative skills he narrated me one script which is not upto the mark but i liked his narrative skills and command on direction so we have chosen prabhakar his work is simply super 

About Aadi?
Aadi is very sweet person and pakka professional he know what to do what not to do he his boundaries he never disappointed us he has done his job in perfect way he will get biggest break with this film surely he will be on hit track with Next Nuvve 

About your Travel with Allu Aravind ? 
Allu Aravind garu is getting younger day by day in one word i can say he is 60year old teenager i like him very much he is like my guru I have learned many things from him  it will be always a pleasure to interact with him . a very positive person . 

About V4 Movies  banner?
V4 Movies is a combination of 3 Friends and 1 Guru our main motto is to do best films in this banner with all the young and talented people this banner will be like show reel banner or Talent show casing banner for young talented directors v4 movies banner will introduce new talent to Telugu cinema in future 

Are you Happy with Prabhakar's work ?

Extremely happy with his work after seeing the output of the film i have suggested him to maruti to produce a film with him under Maruthi banner which is in production stage  Prabhakar is the only director who has his second film rolling even before the release of his debut film.

With that we wrapped our interview with Producer Bunny Vasu Telugucinemas.in wishing good luck to him and his team . 

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