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Most wanted criminal Theda Singh

Theda Singh

Basic Info:

Name : Theda Singh
Birth name    = Theda Singh
Date of birth = June 10, 1960
Birth place    = Gulbarga
Occupation    = Gangster, Assassin, Criminal, Most Wanted
Relationship status =  Single but ready to mingle
residence     = Tihar Jail, B Block Cell No 42, Delhi, India
Theda Singh (born 19 June 1960) is a most wanted criminal, brutal assassin , merciless killer, cold blooded criminal etc who has the record number of criminal records & charge sheets on him PAN India wide.He has criminal records in all most every state of India.36 Dhommis , 24 Murders & 36 stabbing This is his visible record in our Wikipedia. He is a lawbreaker, offender, villain, delinquent, malefactor, culprit, wrongdoer, Rogue, Smuggler, gangster,illegal transporter, mugger etc who stand as an outstanding example of every synonymous related to crime and criminal. No one knows where is from but every one knows him for what he does... CRIME.. No one knows his original name but he is well knows as Theda Sigh because of his fickle mind. He is fearless,dangerous,daring and his main USP is his "Dedh Dhimak" which makes his unpredictable and unbeatable too. Recently he got released from Tihar Jail. When he was in Tihar jail he shared his cell with Charles Sobhraj (born 6 April 1944), also known as the Bikini Killer, is a French serial killer of Vietnamese and Indian origin There are more than 100+ FIR’s & charge sheets filed on him in different police station  & in different states in India, this byitself is a record.

He is into every illegal activity possible like arms dealings,smuggling,extortion,killings,Hawala,
Kidnappings,money laundering etc.,More than everything he is well known for his attitude,guts,dare,cunning smartness and his intelligence. It’s said that there is no weapon in the world that he can’t handle. He has connections with various gangs around the world like in Thailand, Bangkok,Singapore,Malaysia,Srilanka,Dubai etc which Made him a Most Wanted Criminal.

Early Life:

Theda Singh was born on 10th of June,1960 in Gulbarga, Karnataka, India as per police records.There is no details or records of  his parents. Till age 5 he was brought up in Gulbarga from where he was later taken to Dongri Mumbai by his uncle.At the age of 7 his uncle died and Theda Singh had to live his life in this world all by himself. He was then bough up in Mumbai,calcutta,Delhi,Bihar,Hyderabad and in all those cities which had an unbreakable connection with crimes & criminals. All this has a great effect & impact on Theda singh’s mind at very early ages. He felt crime is his passion & felt that he was born to rule this crime world. That’s where his life took a turn up.He did his 1st murder at the age of 15. He stabbed a local dada with a knife just because he asked him to pay him money every month as Dhandha tax.
After this incident Theda Singh name started to do rounds in Mumbai.Then he flew to calcutta. But he didn't give up for passion for crime. He left his mark on the crime world there too and then in Bihar and in Hyderabad too. In became a gangster and his name and fame increased every day by day in India.He was arrested many a times by the police and was put behind bars but he was so smart that he escaped from all those jails.
He is into every illegal activity possible like arms dealings,smuggling,extortion,killings,Hawala,
Kidnappings,money laundering etc.,More than everything he is well known for his attitude,guts,dare,cunning smartness and his intelligence. It’s said that there is no weapon in the world that he can’t handle.

Then he flew to Portugal and made it his base. Through there he started to operate in Thailand, Bangkok,Singapore,Malaysia,Srilanka,Dubai etc and had a close connections with every gangs in there.But he always kept himself low profile. There are more that 15 states that issued arrest warrants on his name.

His Strength And Abilities.

According to police records Theda Singh has some phenomenal abilities. He is a sharp shooter. It’s said that his aim & target nevers wins.He can empty a full magazine into a bulls eye.His punch power is too heavy to handle. It’s said that there is no weapon in this world that he can not handle.He can speak, write and talk in more than 14 languages which include Telugu,Tamil,Kannada,Hindi,Malayalam,Portuguese,Spanish,Urdu,Punjabi,Italian etc.
It’s said that he is more cunning than a fox and stronger than a lion.And it’s that he has amazing car driving abilities.

It’s said that once he was in an Portugese restaurant & the police over there came to know that he was there. He was there having a lunch and was enjoying the music over there.It some how came to know that the police are on their way to catch him but he din run, He was cool had his lunch sat there enjoying the song till the police surrounded the restaurant. He then cunningly managed to get hold on a police car and right infront of everyone he escaped in the police car. The police chased him but unfortunately no one had the skills to match him or catch him.

His Habits & Hobbies.

Although Theda Singh is a most wanted criminal he has habits & hobbies of his taste.
He is a great movie lover especially Telugu classics of Sr.NTR it is said that he never goes to bed without watching a movie of Sr.NTR everyday, yes everyday. According to a close source Theda Singh remembers every dialogue,every line & every word uttered by Sr.NTR and are imprinted in his brain and heart. All the day he keeps listening to Sr.NTR old classic songs.
He is a great lover of Indian Art & tradition. He has a huge admiration and respect for artist. He has a a great command on Numerology, Zodiac signs,Vedas,Puranas etc.
Though he can get any top brand alcohol in the world he always haves “Mansion House” that’s his brand.Even if you gift him a mission dollar whisky bottle he will keep it aside and have his Mansion House. Thus is his love for that brand. He likes to have it with warm water rather than cool drinks or soda.He is a food lover especially loves South Indian traditional food.
He has this habit of collecting antique things and is a good book reader too.

Crimes & Prison time

Theda singh has been involved in every kind of crimes possible.Murders,Extortions,Arms dealings,smuggling,Transporting etc. He was arrested more than 14 times by police of different states and was sent to jail. But he was too smart and cunning that he escaped from all those jails in a very short span. When ever he was to escape from any jail he used to take 2-3 criminals from the jail with whom he shared a good friendship in the day in jail and make them his gang member. In this way he fetched many trustworthy people who are ready to even kill and die for him. 7 times he was sentenced Life Imprisonment in 7 different states of India and was put in jail but escaped from all 7 in not more than 3-4 days.And most weird thing about all these 7 escapes is all these 7 times he choose to escape in the daytime ,not nights. Shows how confident and cunning he is.Still search for him is on.
While he was in jail for the last time he shared his room with most known serial killer Charles Sobhraj where they become good friends ever easily in no time.

His Affairs.

Theda Singh is called as the Casino of India. It’s because of the list of girls with whom he had affairs, he is called so.He was so close to the glamour world of South and North India.He has a close relationship with Filmy Industry of India it might be Tollywood,Bollywood or Kollywood he has a deep relation with many of the celebs and stars.He was in a love relation with Simran, Ramya Krishna, Vijayashanti, Sumalatha, Suhasini, Seeta, Radha, Shobana,Nagma,
Nirosha, Meena,Soundarya, Roja ,Divya Bharathi,Charmme,Trisha, Rambha,Mohini ,Raveena Tandon , Aamani, Indraja, Anjala Zaveri, Preethi Jhangiani,Tabu, Asin, Rakshitha, Nayanthara, Arthi Agarwal, Radhika Apte,Sonal Chauhan, Anjali, Sneha Ullal,Shraddha Das, Mumaith Khan, Namitha, Katrina Kaif etc., He had a love & live in relation with all of these beautiful girls for quite a long time. It’s said that he has this power of attracting & mesmerizing women on his very first sight & they used to fall for him in no time.It’s said that his sweet talks made them go crazy about him.And all of these beautiful women who has a relationship with Theda Singh said one common thing about him that “He respects women a lot and never exploits them without their will though he has the power to”

At present he has 3 gorgeous girl friends, Shriya Saran, Musskan sethi and Kyra Dutt. Recently all of them went to Portugal for a big vacation and had a blast, says a police report. Both Indian and portugal police tried to track & catch him but like always they could get hold of him.

Present Status:

Theda singh recently escaped from India’s Most secure cell, Tihar Jail and according to intelligence reports Theda Singh now is in Hyderabad.It’s still not known that why he is in Hyderabad but police are trying to track him out. It’s also heard that he has joined his hands with Portugal Mafia Don Bob Marley’s gang in India.

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