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Nithiin gets honest about 'LIE' Performance

Nithiin gets honest about 'LIE' performance 

Nithiin has got honest about the performance of his movie, 'LIE', at the thanks meet. He admitted that the film has opened to mixed talk on the first day but expressed happiness that gradually the film has been getting positive response everywhere. 

"'LIE' has been a great journey. After the success of 'A..Aa', I could have acted in another soft movie. But I wanted to do something new and has taken the rough route. When Hanu met me and narrated this point, I asked him to develop the full script. I didn't want him not to include routine stuff like comedy tracks just for the sake of it and asked him to add songs or fights only if they were required. When he narrated the complete script, I was excited. Even the producers were happy. The producers could have played a safe game by making a mass movie, but they completely believed in the script and produced this movie. I thank producers Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta and Anil Sunkara for their support. The response for the teaser and trailer was very good.I wasn't able to sleep well on 10th August night. I slept in the wee hours and when I woke up at 9 a.m, I felt happy with the positive reports from US. But in India, the film opened to mixed talk. Hanu and I were dejected with the talk. We were not sure what went wrong and the entire hardwork we have put in for the last one year seemed like wasted. But I am now happy as gradually, the film has been getting positive talk. On Saturday, about 65 to 70 percent of common audiences, who watched the film liked it. On Sunday more than 85 percent audiences liked it. So I attended the success meet now. I thank Arjun garu for playing the villain's role. If not for him, 'LIE' wouldn't have been possible. This is not a Lie. It's truth. All the technicians who worked for this movie are being appreciated. Cinematographer Yuvaraj's work is commendable. Hanu Raghavapudi is a very talented director. I am sure he will make many more good films", Nithiin said. 

"I thank the audiences for receiving all the three movies, released on August 11th, well, Nithiin added

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