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East Coast Productions NKR 15 Launched Grandly

The Dynamic Nandamuri star Kalyan Ram will be seen as the hero in the latest film produced by East coast Productions and Cool Breeze Cinemas. The film will be produced by Kiran Muppavarapu and Vijaykumar Vattikooti. Jayendra is the director & Mahesh Koneru is presenting the film.  The first scene had the clap from Jr.NTR and camera was switched on by Shyam Prasad Reddy followed by the first shot direction Krish. Nandamuri Harikrishna handed over the script to the director.  This event took place at Ramanaidu Studios, Hyderabad.

Kalyan Ram spoke- “Mahesh Koneru is like my family member.  We have been together since two years and he is the main reason why I am doing this film. Coming to the film, I have been doing different films right from the beginning of my career which started 13 years ago. No matter how different they were, the films had commercial elements. But when I heard director Jayendra’s script, there was a new point.  I was yearning to do a romantic comedy since ages and my wish will be fulfilled with this film. I am feeling greatly honored to work with a cinematographer like P.C.Sreeram. I am sure he will unleash a new dimension in me through the camera.  Aishwarya Lakshmi will be introduced to Telugu Cinema wit this film and I am sure this film will be an enthralling entertainer.”

Mahesh Koneru spoke-“ I am also a journalist and had good relations with the press and now I have entered into film industry. I really hope this fresh banners Eastcoast Productions and Cool Breeze Cinemas would make even more interesting films in the coming future.  I am glad to get the opportunity to showcase hero Kalyan Ram in a cool, romantic avatar. I personally thank Kalyan Ram for having the faith in my work. The first schedule of this film will start in Arcot from August 5-7th. Then, we will move to Hyderabad from August 15th till September ending. We are planning to release the film in the first quarter of 2018.

Producer Vijaykumar Vattikooti- “ This film is a result of all those cast and crew who are extremely passionate about Cinema.  Kalyan Ram’s positive energy will surely make us even more optimistic. We are quite confident that Sharath would give great music for the film Subha garu has given wonderful script. I don’t need to exclusively tell about director Jayendra’s vision as his work speaks more than words. I feel extremely delighted to work with a celebrated cinematographer like P.C.Sreeram.”

Director Jayendra spoke-“ It is quite exciting to work with Kalyan Ram for a romantic entertainer. He will be seen in a totally changed over look for the film. I am eagerly awaiting to work with him and I am really glad to get such passionate duo of producers.”

Kiran Muppavarapu said that it is definite that the film will be liked by all sections of audience and P.S.Sreeram expressed his happiness to be a part of this young team.  The female lead Aishwarya Lakshmi expressed her moment of pride to work with a legendary cinematographer like P.C.Sreeram and looking forward to work with such vibrant team.

PRO: Vamsi Kaka, Art: Selvakumar, Editor: T.S.Suresh, VFX: C. Kamal Kannan, Action: Vijay,  Dialogues: Jayendra , Subha, Music: Sharath, Cinematography: P.C.Sreeram, Presentation: Mahesh Koneru, Producers: Kiran Muppavarapu, Vijaykumar Vattikooti, Direction: Jayendra
 East Coast Productions, Cool Breeze Cinema's new movie benarspai kalyanram  NTR clapped for the first scene. Shyam Prasad Reddy switched on the camera were directed by Chris honor. Harikrishna script is given to the director. At the meeting of the infamous journalists ... New Kalyanram appears Nandamuri Kalyan Ram said: '' Mahesh Bhavani is equal to my family. We have been traveling with him for the past two years. He is one of the reasons I make this movie. In the film, I have been doing different films for the last 13 years. There are commercial elements wherever they have a different movie. But for the first time, Jayendra Ganga was new to the script. For a long time there was a desire to do a good romantic comedy. The desire for this movie is going to be fulfilled. Working with PC Sreerangari is respectful. I think everyone will see a new Kalayanam. Aishwarya Lakshmi is getting introduced as heroine. I think it will be an entertainer entertainer. " Thanks to Kalyanram Film presenter Mahesh Koner said, "I am also a journalist. There is good association with journalists. Now I'm going into the construction field. Production No. 1 which is produced jointly by East Coast Productions and Cool Breeze Cinemas. I like to make good films as a producer. Kalyanramgarini new, fresh opportunity to present the image of romantic entertainer happy to come. Thanks to Kalyanram for giving opportunity. The film will start in the first schedule Yercaud. We will shoot there from August 5 to 7. The film will be filmed in Hyderabad from August 15 until September last week. We are all planning to release the film in the first year of the film, "he said. We are moving with positive energy Cherirrissimo producer Kumar said - '' The Passion of the people in the film by the film, which is formed of a team. Kalyanagari fills all enthusiasm with positive energy. Sarath is supposed to provide best music. Subhasgarh has provided an excellent script. I do not have to say specifically about Jayendragiri Vision. Tomorrow will see the screen. We are honored to work with a great technician like PC Sreeram. " Exaggitating Director Jayendra said - '' is egjayitingga kalyanramgarito to a romantic movie. Kalyanram is seen in the new McCover. I'm very excited to work with him. Aishwarya Lakshmi is getting introduced as heroine. It's nice to travel with Passionate Producers, "he said. Everybody wants a movie Kiran Muppavarappattu said - "It is a pleasure to be an association in this film. Working with Jayendra Guru and PC Siri Rangari is a good experience. This film is a Telugu film. There is a belief that everyone will be able to enjoy the movie. " PC Srimram said, "I'm happy to be part of a good film. Of course the movie is good for everyone. " I feel honored Aishwarya Lakshmi said, "It's a pleasure to work with a good team. It is proud to be doing a film with a great technician like PC Sreeram. " Nandamuri Kalyanram and Aishwarya Lakshmi are the heroines of the film PROm Vamsi Kaka, Art: Selvakumar, Editor: TS Suresh, VFX: C.Kammal Kannan, Action: Vijay, Dialogues: Jayendra, Subha , Megha, Story, Story: Story: Jayendra, Subha, Music: Sharath, Cinematography: PC Sreeram, Subhashanam Mahesh Koneru, producers: Kiran Muppavarappu, Vijaykumar Vattikkotti, directed by: Jayendra.

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