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George Butterfly Effect in Garuda Vega

George and the Butterfly effect

If you'd come to me in friendship, then that scum that ruined your daughter would be suffering this very day”...Don Corleone in The Godfather gently warns the man by stroking the “Cat” even more gentle…there is always something about bad guys, they are more attached to animals than they are to humans…

George, he got more of an animal in him than a human, he likes animals, especially butterflies, he likes them a lot when they are dead, he is too gentle to their delicate wings, he is afraid that he may tear those beautiful flapping wings if he catches them alive, so he makes them calm… calm as dead, seeing dead things makes him peaceful, dead beings are the only things that gives him serenity & peace of mind ,especially those dead wings remind him of his victims who pleaded not to kill them, they remind him of their screams gone silent when they are dead in his hands,  he mounts the dead butterflies as trophies of his victims…, he is as cold as the dead and  as calm as their souls.

George – a beast with brains…

Dissection of the poster.

Calm, cold & cruel… vicious, blood thirsty, merciless… looks like no amount of superlatives can match the intense look of the man sitting on that chair,
It’s not a scream of an angry person that scares the guts out…it’s the silence of a cruel man that gives the creeps, he is just sitting there silent, plotting against somebody, something convoluting, something deceptive,
Wearing an army outfit suggests that he has some unveiled past in the forces and he is not yet ready to shed his past anytime soon, maybe it reminds him of his glory days…
It also suggests that he is disciplined, does things in orderly fashion, even if it’s got to do with killing someone, or killing an organization
The books, the reading lamp, the globe conveys the extensive planning that undergoes while he is plotting something, it’s definitely not a place for a man who acts on his impulses.. ,Not a shred moves apart from his convoluted plan, he is a man of knowledge and none is powerful than a beast with brains.
And mentioning the obvious, “the Robotic Arm”.. maybe he lost his arm in the forces while serving for his country, yet the loss looks like nothing to him, it has failed badly to break his spirit,
Then what made him look so serious? maybe someone came to challenge his moves, some new player in the deadly game he has been playing, someone who can outsmart him, someone who can threaten his existence… someone so common that he didn’t anticipate him coming.

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