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Director Puri Jagannadh Interview About Rogue

 After many days, coming from the direction of my cute Love Story 'rog - Puri Jagannath Ishan dashing director Puri Jagannath's presentation jayaditya Dr. Tanvi Films banner || Siarmanohar, produced siargopi Love entertainer 'rogue' (cantigadi another love story). On March 31, the film worldwide Telugu, Kannada languages ​​are being released. Interacted with the media about the film, the director Puri Jagannath ...... About rog '.... - I love the direction it will be for a long time. My rogue is now under the direction of a cute lavstori coming on March 31. Ishan will be introduced as the hero of the film, soil Chopra, playing the heroines Sant'Angelo. Anupsing villain being introduced. Kottavallato film. Ishan will be introduced, such as the Young Hero Love Story Love Story, unless you wanted him bavuntundanipinci. The film takes place in the backdrop of Calcutta. As well as Hyderabad and Bangalore also shot the film. Cantigalliddariki difference .... - `Idiyat a cantigadi love, 'rog - Another cantigadi pramekathai kyarektaraijesansku two films, the hero will be the difference. Idiot Baby starring Ravi Teja and very energetic, if yaragentga, Baby, starring in the film is that Ishaan is very silent. Ishaan's performance ... - Ishaan good hyandsam personality. Good Performer. Presence srkrin good. Rogue film, I showed a lot of people. They have seen aprisiyet Ishaan. Heroku these two, it took three hits of his star's growth. Rogue film showed a lot of people. Cusinavallandaru also said the same thing. Vellipotanu gut feeling ... - Hollywood sanphild are a great screenplay writer. He would follow the work of the new darsakulanta. He also wrote the screenplay, is a very good book. Teja two films were written when he was two kathalanudairekt. By mekingku changes as the film. I wrote the story, producers, Heroku when they cesestanu egjayit the film. At the time of the film to tell the story of a gut feeling vellipotuntanu nammukune. Believed at the time that the film is a good film, but tistunnanani hooligan, a film that would be big enough to create something that did not record. Success of a film is a film that was released along with the movie release, the conditions will decide. All movies rabattalevu expected results. Balakrishna's film ... - Balakrsnagarini new show in my film. The role of a gangster. Taphga very rough and the dynamic roll. His dialogues are also new. Balakrsnagarito five years ago, but could not do the film. Yet reached. The film does not yet have any title. Muskaan introduced the heroine. Pikcaraij sanniliyon also do special song. The first schedule of the film was finished. He was very happy. We are also happy. Next Image ... - Except ciranjivigaru megastar, mega-hero films. He also met recently to go. I say no visayamanedi after kadadani am now balakrsnagarito film. There were also discussions of the film as well as the venkatesgari. What next after the film of the film say that the current balakrsnagari.

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