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Seshu KMR New Trend with Flow Sound

  Tollywood ‘s  Seshu KMR A Rare combination of Science , Technology and Recording Arts.

 Bio-acoustic Content Development Program

Eminent Scientist Mr.Vasudeva Rao from All India network project of  vertebrate pest management  from Jayashankar agricultural University Hyderabad has collaborated with Tollywood’s Music composer and sound designer Dr. Seshu KMR . His Innovation Flowsound System Proudly is developing and using digital audio technology, including equipment and software to record and analyze and acquire the sounds of wildlife around the globe. A first of its kind of a Procedure by integrating the sound with ambience of the wildlife, an advance creative audio program with an understanding of animal communication and create the call sequences for crop protection, according to the regional ecosystems. These are carefully designed Audio content in a particular frequency used in the field of agriculture and farming where wild animals destroy the crops in the fields. This advanced content and the quality of call sequences will effectively avoid the wild animals intrusion and death and save the farmers interest and also helps the conservation of wildlife. My Sound design and Flowsound system an innovative sound management technique already implemented successfully through out commercial Indian cinema and digital entertainment sector is committed to contribute and design and execute an outstanding Virtual realistic Bio acoustic Crop protection call sequences a one of its kind of program and dedicate to Indian Agriculture industry and wildlife conservation. It helps policy makers, industries, Scientist and governments use this Program and content to minimize the impact of wildlife and animals in Agriculture and natural environments and to the benefit of farming sector and which is the backbone of India.

Two decades in entertainment industry as Music composer, Sound designer and a film analyst in Indian film industry. Innovating a sound management technique and then a Honorary doctorate is a long journey with lot of twists and turns.
Now at this stage of my life, Personally its an immense proud moment as my passion and dreams are capable to compliment scientific and agriculture Sector.
As a proud Indian I take this opportunity to thank Jayashankar University and chief scientist Mr.Vasudeva rao garu for providing this opportunity to serve my country.

We Telugucinemas.In sincerely  hope and wish this will create a milestone in His diverse career and add to his many achievements in Indian cinema and recording arts.

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