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Rakshasi Graphic works in New York

 Graphic Work in New York, celebrating 'monster' "Calling Bell," a sequel to the film, making everyone in the acclaimed horror director Panna royal entertainer 'monster'. Sardar Abhinav major role fully, Abhimanyu Singh, Ashok thickness Geetanjali role in the movie Dream kyacars Entertainment, Raj dalavay, Tony is producing this film. Shooting and post-production work done as part of the graphic work of the film is in New York. Soon, audio and producers are planning to release the film in February. Speaking on the occasion, the director of the Royal Panna - '' standard is much more technical than the bell calling rupondistunnam this picture. Ceyistunnam Graphic Work in New York for the quality of the film coming out. In terms of content, many of the technical specifications of the whole film, to be shot this film will highlight a song. The four-minute song was filmed entirely visual effects. Adiyanski this song gives a different experience. I wanted to demonstrate our producers Hundred Percent of the screen, there is a lot of cooperation. Nowhere in the picture without Compromise was very rich. 'Monster' Horror films come imadhyakalanlo am sure it would be a different movie, "he said. The thickness of the producers Ashok Raj dalavay, Tony said - '' for making a good film is very happy to start our banner. Like the story of the Royal Panna excited. He is much more exciting than what showed on the screen. Technical High Standards of Quality without compromise, built on this picture. Soon, audio, and are planning to release the film in February, "he said. Whole, abhimanyusing, Abhinav Sardar, Geetanjali, sent thvi, baby sound, the baby than tika, hammer Gandhi, drunkard Ramesh, Prabhas Seenu, 'Today' Sai, Shani salmon, Phani, Priya, and others featuring the music: Vinod ownership, cinematography : neuro-P., editing: srisantos, executive producer Shani Salmon, producers, Ashok thickness, Raj dalavay, Tony, story, screenplay and direction: Panna Royal.

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