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Endaro Mahanubhavulu Audio Launch

 Pallada Srinivas Sree Annapoorna Creations banner, the film is directed by posing as a hero sayikrsna pallada srilaksmi producers' mahanubhavulu others. Music provided by Siddharth Prasad Labs, Hyderabad was the audio release karyrakamam Thursday. Raghukunce the audio CD was released. The ... Raghukunce said - `atmiyula samaksanlojarugutunna audio launch it. Siddharth provided very good songs. Perpharm well have been cast. Sayikrsna director of the first movie, the hero is a great responsibility to manage efficiently. Adarincali the film, the audience is going well. Pallada producers Srinivas, said srilaksmi - `` there is no introduction in the film sector. But my son was insane movies. Neravercadam his desire made for the film. The producers spent a lot of money, but struggled to keep our son sayikrsna by posing as a hero. Sartphilim he had the experience. Friendly Police Chief kesiargarito done in the past and received a short film. In fact, the title of the film is different, they have to take the title away from their close. Rupondincam film is going to be appeals to everyone. The hero, the director said pallada sayikrsna - `` The film will be introduced to the 200 people who khammanku. In contrast to the title of the film is fairly entertaining. Eight months of hard film. Each song was different. As the hero of the first film, was happy to be a director. Korukuntunnanu going to bless our efforts. Music director Siddharth said - `the producers gave me complete freedom. The music was good. Sayikrsnagariki given the opportunity, thanks to the producers said. Executive producer of the show entertains, ghantasala Viswanath, director of Sri petalo Amir, Anusha, who was the heroine, screenplay and dialogue writer Kiran, pulipati citrayunit members participated, including Prasad.

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