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  •  Shootings of the film, coupled with the cancellation of the notes kudelai film to date, to postpone the release of a range of disputes dilemma whether this condition? Kekkalane controversial news of the conspiracy that correct? Rs.    Where to prioritize qualified to talk him.? Yesterday, in a statement on the occasion of the Jubilee svir he disputed.   We replied that the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce two years of completing his description ivvadalicamu this statement.   As for me, my first film as a producer in 1990, TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao today we (kesiar) Mr. Clapper. He gave the clap, as well as four films. The images produced by the producers of the highest among the 32 films in the construction of T m in the first row. Distribution of the film made more than 100 films. 5 films directed by, and starring in 20 films as an actor in different roles. Telugu Film Chamber in the last 15 years either in the office are continuing. Sector chairman, the vice chairman of the producer, secretary isi Holding member. Telugu philimprodyusar sector is currently the chairman of the Council of producer'm isi member. Won the most votes in the poll, the majority of Telugu film chamber. Muralimohanravu who lost the election. He also does not care about the one thing that the producers lost suffrage. Tenganalo Theater in the short film that has the monopoly of the few people who have a lot of producers are struggling to find a reason to release in theaters, but their contents have not spoken about such useless things now talking to the big man.   Cinna large producers of digital exploited in the day. That is the side of the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka (Bangalore) from 2500 to 3000, within a week, while in the processing charges, processing charges in the same week, we took up to Rs 13,000 from 10,800 in Telugu producers and exploits them, such as the middleman in this muralimohanravu supporting their team. They are taking positions against lobbying gadistunnaru profits. In this case, the ability to manage them go on display in authorities' attention.   The industry produced 32 movies, director, distributor, working as an actor in nakantu nirmata a recognized technical experts providing support for the working class, I. Producer for the well-being-unto-death hunger strike to demand that they have to get access to theaters. Ministers, MP venugopalacari mahendrareddi week after initiation, new prabhakarreddi, and lemon juice to give it a big trumpet narsinha Goud show the solution to this problem is to ensure that the government has been talking to. Minister in charge of cinematography at the time of retirement, has yadavgaru Srinivas. He is now being studied on this issue.   The Telangana Film Employees Federation of Crafts from 24 members in 5000. It works to bring our Telangana Film Chamber apliyesan. Our tengana Film Chamber of Commerce Telangana state government, central government is recognized. 1000 was a member of the producers. There are 250 artists. Director, kemeramens 100 people. There are 300 other technicians. Almost all of whom are qualified to secure health cards will be built on behalf of the poor teknisiyanlandariki citrapuri the government, but the government wanted to give the plot. To work towards that. To care for the conditions seen in the industry for nearly 15 artists, producers in the shooting of the sensitive issues to solve our chamber. These matters are all the evidence we have to prove. We are ready to open a debate on this issue prepared muralimohanravu.   In addition to the service programs as well as the birth of Telangana, a changing village 'Reshmi Tagore a young woman named "Miss Asia" potiku our Telangana Film Chamber was to be led by members of the five moment davenkat Rs cash, ranuponu air tickets I have been given. "With the advent of winning Miss esiyaga abhinandincamu. Many small producers are in trouble at the time of release, as well as the cost of their own money and was assisting them. Like working in a very active person like us who have recourse to them as muralimohanravu satirise elantivo said publicly that we are willing to demand. Muralimohanravugaru willing to open the debate, to speak about the trials prasnistunnam prodyusare but muralimohanravu producer. Unfortunately no rush notes Chitra industry crisis and the controversial circumstances of this unfortunate news for the struggling ravanukovadam believe the stupidity of the public debate to protest against the attitude visurutunnam socaniyamani.

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