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Panta Pandindi Movie Launch

 Life Is Beautiful Fame Sudhakar komakula, komali hero and the heroine of the new film on the diamond Sri Films banner crop pandindi "jakkanapeta mutyalammavari temple in West Godavari district began on April 21. Gurusri (Subbu) directed maridi Rao is producing this film. Early life jedpichairman I can recommend the first shot sounded the clapboard and West Godavari, the chairman of the municipal hamlet tadepalli polisetti Srinivas Sridhar, vice chairman of the sheep have been switched on the camera. Cherry kovvuru DSP Venkateswara, Sri Chakra Girdhar Chief guests attended the event.  .. Maridi Chitra Rao Speaking on the occasion, the producer of '' Life Is Beautiful image of the Telugu audience the hero of the film is playing komakula Sudhakar imminent. Naccandi director gurusrigaru the story well. Touching the hearts of everyone's image of love. Four of the best farmers in the village continues to be the hero of the national award-winning, high-tech city of Hyderabad, the love between the heroine of the software to make the job of the plot puttindanedi. Regular shooting of the film from the third week of May is celebrated. We will plan to complete the film in two schedules. The first part of the schedule in Hyderabad, the second schedule RAZOLE, picturized that time, '' he said.

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