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B.Jaya About Vaisakam

 Everyone impressive feel-good entertainer 'vaisakham' - Dynamic Lady Director Jay b. Cantigadu, lovers, gundammagari grandson, Lovely superhit films directed by the director of the acclaimed director of its separate identity as a dynamic lady director B Jaya. Fresh new hero, heroine 'vaisakham' rupondincabotunnaru titled Love and family entertainer. R.J. Bieraju Cinemas banner is producing this film. Meanwhile, director Jay b. A press conference held on the occasion of the birthday of January 11. This dynamic lady director B Jaya. Speaking - '' Lovely ', everyone wants to come after a long gap. When journalist writing about film reviews, artists and crew interviews me when we were in a movie sweeter. What movie is it? What? Apart from the main to the main one was the sweetest film. The thought that 'love pavani Kalyan tisam. Films that made the process challenging. In those days, 'cantigadu' was a huge success. As well as 'Lovely' was also a big success. The film has been dubbed the langvejeski. Kolkata, Bengali, was remade in two Bengali. Wise such a small cinema in India is getting popular with the audience is very rare. Aditya 'lavlini dubbed in Hindi and 2 million YouTube views, despite the fact that it was not a common thing. I 'Lovely' dairektarga includes a range of echivmentni. Requires a good movie now and again. The film requires a reference that will have been a good story. The same 'vaisakham'. There are some memories of life for everyone. Mother-hand nail masses, moments of my father's hand to walk. These are gurtupettukuntam life. Philgud such a film requires. Routine, Film Set, we can not make general. Need to ask the audience. Each character should have hattukunela mind. Anela actually should have been a particular artist. Like all aspects of the script, I'm bound to tailor the story to think deeply 'vaisakham'. Hundred percent will have been the story appeals to everyone. The hero and heroine are inventions Act. The other actors are senior artistlandaru. Since the end of the first tapatrayapadutuntanu I would like to encourage new talent. Nirupincukuntam get the chance to put one of us, whether we are in the majority. The big thing is that we are not giving the chance of success is already ayinavariki. The film will be about 6,7 to introduce new artist. Entertainment rather than a spoof of the new, naturally, will be. The film beginning in January. It is the story of the city backdrop. Philgud love everyone entertainer. 'Vaisakhamlanti to attain a better appreciation for all that has been captured on film taking a gap, this film tistunnam concerns. Short of giving philinski Awards, Short Films and would encourage directors. Artist and crew to take our films is the idea of ​​giving them full support. Www.industryhit.com website appeals to all of our planning is very fresh. 'Superhit' magazine while seven deski comes once. So, Every Minute, Every second a new website has been given a new news updates. It is always so close to the king adhentik News adhentik news, facts, has been to project www.industryhit.com website. Healthy website is a definite. Everyone liked the website. Facts, trutki source of Place this website. The hero of the film is no news yet on this website. 'Superhit' magazine vaccekante this website for seven days once every minute would be very easy for everyone. So this www.industryhit.com had been quite grand, "he said.

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