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Director Puri Jagannadh Interview about Loafer

 Lophar directed by Puri Jagannath, will be released on the 17th of this month. Sikalyan film, which made the submission. Varun Tej, the direction of the cast in the lead patani. Puri Jagannath, spoke to reporters about the film. The news .. * Lophar is how? - As the name implies. Idiot in the past, hooligan, that the films have desamuduru. However, they are not good for the heroes. As well as trying to have a stranger lopharnu even better. Will be along the lines of my parents. If the film will be accompanied by a mother and son. This film can not be together. The mother of the child dislikes. Will expand the film to do so. * Jandis actually used the word? - Eye candy. Good mother, a bad father and son in the middle. The three are still alive. But to each other, is dead. Jandis such term is used in the background. Revathi so far has not been a similar role. Claimed to believe in me. So far, it does not posani role. The film is one of the two left-hand, right hand and the other. Star Superstar * If you want to make a movie that is going to Prabhas. Are Varun superstar? - Star renjki he goes to the movies regularly. The face of his own innocence. Connecting the sight somewhere. Says the director of the hero. The director also said that if the director of the hero can not do anything. The director says that the hero Varun understand. Recently I met ciranjivigarini He talked a long time about Varun. * Ciranjivigari to hurt the fans' words about the time you had a birthday? - Fans React avutarulendi everything. Ciranjivigarito that I do not know if they are related. He also met recently. In the film, he's not 150, 151, 152 something to do with a movie. * Lophar audio ceremony before fans were annoyed shouts? - Not to me. Is anyone who could feel it. Spent a lot of function, and I thought that a few words about our film. Matladalekapoyam but no one to talk to. Mr. Kalyan fans are supposed to. Pavangari do not think there is common sense to fans. Kalyan Rao said that the libel tiyakandra screamed. If any tvittarlono he's good about it. * Sunil Kashyap, tell me about? - Very good sangitanniccadu. He also wrote the music's going to be my next film. * If you take movies as fast as you ansalenti plus the cost? - Planning. Clarity. Ceppesta kurcobetti the story of all of my team. Clarity is one who comes. So ceppesta. Endo my shooting environment, vano fell more irritating than sandarbhalunnaye, our planning error that did not happen so far. * Byankakku vellalsindena you rayalante story? - Rayalanukuntanu to sit on the beach. Vizag beach is kurconivvaru. So Bangkok. Even before I rasukunevadini India. Dabbuloccaka takes byankakki. Akkadivariki my wife, the children's names are well known. India is parayidesanla me. Bangkok is home urula. * Are Saying your producer? - Saw the first copy. Thanks a lot. Superhit movie that the phone had been my brother. So happy. * In the case of jyotilaksmi had made a mistake? - Do not know. Adavu all the films we had hoped. Are mostly lower. Reach the film has a lot of people. * Mahesh's next film? - There. The script is doing to prepare. And he is another of the film. * Efforts to bring about the Hollywood star .. - We want to make things up as fast as you can reach, how? * How to take the gossips? - Gossips pakkanapettalem written media. The matter shall not do any work order to avoid gossips. If the gossips are coming back any work. Light tisukovalante them. * Varmagaru salahalistuntara you? - Very giving. He helped me a lot of advice given. * When you are introduced to the boy? - It will take another three years. * Short films tistanannaru your production? - Now that the industry situation is not much better. What also needs over the satellite. So now, agam. Sukuma, we are very happy to beat a good hit. * Traced to rogue? - Shooting has been started. Underway. Telugu, Kannada tistunnam.

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