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Ambica Agarbathies Entered in 70th Year


“AMBICA AGARBATHIES INDUSTRY” is born during the year 1946, Firm established  by the GREAT LEGEND Late Sri.ALAPATI RAMACHANDRA RAO, he brought out a unique product   DURBAR BATHIES, today popularly known as “A Link between the God and Devotee AMBICA DURBAR BATHIES”.

 In ancient days to accomplish the desires of devotees Homas and Yaznas performed by using various “Dravyas” as the smoke of “Homas and Yaznas” would release the “Air Positive Energy Waves”.  These waves cause to reinforce the devotees and make him to achieve his wishes. As like it “AMBICA DURBAR BATHI” is also purely made with herbals like “Sugandha Dravyas” & “Homa Dravyas” etc., to provide the impression to the entire World. At this juncture we can say our product “AMBICA DURBAR BATHI” is unique and versatile “HERBAL” product in India and entirely hand rolled creation.
AMBICA in the line of manufacturing of an assortment of  Incense Sticks (Agarbathies) like Flora Bathies, Fragrance Scented Bathies, Dhoops and Cones etc.,. The Industry is growing day by day under the leadership  of SRI. AMBICA KRISHNA
CHAIRMAN OF AMBICA  GROUP OF COMPANIES AND ASSISTED BY ALL HIS BROTHERS AND THEIR SONS.  The entire family members of “AMBICA” involving in the entire production process to bring out outstanding quality products.  Ambica is extensively providing employment to all the generations especially for uneducated Women. 
AMBCIA is a profit making company offering excellent benefits to Distributors,
Wholesalers, retailers and all the employees work with dedication  which helps in the company's GROWTH.
In view of stepping into the 70Yrs we are proudly telecasting a documentary on “AMBICA DURABAR BATHI AND ITS VALUES” which is exponent by a prominent film actress and renowned politician Smt.JAYA PRADHA. It’s our immense pleasure to associate with her to make the documentary and she had done an incredible job to formulate it. The Documentary will be released through entire electronic media in the first week of September, 2015.
We would like to share few words of Agarbathie market in A P and Telangana cap in Both states is 300 crores, Where  organized sector is 200 crores  and unorganized sector was 100 crores. We are proud to say Ambica captured 60% market share of organized sector in both the States

And also we have a strong market in Orissa  ,  Tamilnadu , West Bengal States and in  Mumbai  City also
We are  Prominent suppliers to CSD ,CPC Police canteen and some of the other Govt Departments also.
In this happiest occasion we would like to share the above line with you to  produce Press Note

1. Ambica Krishna , Chairman 
2. Mrs Jayaprada, Cine Artist, Ex M.P.
3. Ambica Prasad, Managing Director
4. Ambica Sudarsan, Joint Managing Director
5. Ambica Ramanjaneyulu, Director
6. Ambica Ramachandra Rao, Director
7. C Surya Rao, General Manager ,Marketing

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