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 'Chandrika' publicity image released .. !!       The sensational success of Chandramukhi horror drama entertainer forming along the lines of 'Chandrika'. Telugukannada languages, simultaneously forming the film "Flying Wheels Productions is producing the movie, Mrs. viasa. Karthik Jayaram, kamnajetmalani, srimukhi hirohiroyinluga upcoming film, "Yogesh munisiddappa 'is being introduced as a director. A new couple is a reciprocal live in a building with a series of unpredictable events, new screenplay upcoming 'Chandrika' promotional picture of the recent 'yutyublo to have been released. Within hours of the release of the film by the views of laksakupaiga draws attention.      The 'Flying Wheels Productions' said chief viasa ..' 'of Indian cinema, who left an indelible mark never carritalo' talapincela candramukhini .. 'Chandrika' picture tircididdutunnaru our director Yogesh munisiddappa very exciting. Karthik Jayaram hero, heroine kammajetmalani, srimukhi appeared to fall into competition with one another. I have to say, especially about the Girish Karnad? Graphics varktopatu post-production work is almost completed. YouTube released trayilarku is a very good response. The film is slated to release the audio soon, "he said.      Chitra said director Yogesh munisiddappa .. '' composed by Sajid Qureshi kathaskrinple 'Chandrika' main crux of the film. "Candramukhila long .. gurtundipoyenta great graphics while forming large plateaus 'Chandrika' paricayamavutundadam film director is very pleased," he said.      Girish Karnad, elbisriram, drunkard Ramesh, Satyam Rajesh and others play an important role in this film Costumes: Venkat, Art: Nagu, Editing: visureskumar, camera: kerajendrababu, Action: Thriller Manju, Music: gunvant, Producer : Ms. viasa, kathaskrinple: Sajid Qureshi, directed by: Yogesh munisiddappa

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