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Dr Ghazal Srinivas appointed as Brand Ambassador of Greetway

 Ghazal Srinivas is now Greet way brand ambassador
​Dr Ghazal Srinivas Appointed as Greetway​ USA Brand Ambassador
California:   Popular Greeting card Company Greetway Inc. announced  today the Prominent Ghazal Singer, Triple Gu
​i​nn​ess​ World Record Holder, ‘Maestro’ Dr. Ghazal Srinivas as their Brand Ambassador. Greetway Marketing ​​Director Jeremy Dawson said Dr Ghazal Srinivas will conduct various activities to promote creativity among children in the form of drawing and painting​ by visiting  countries ​

​Mr ​Jeremy Dawson admired Dr Ghazal Srinivas‘s excellence and efforts in World Peace. Mr. Dawson also mentioned, “As Brand Ambassador Dr Ghazal Srinivas will travel various countries to encourage world peace among young adults all over the world.  Greetway will conduct art competitions in respected countries and provide attractive awards, cash prizes to the winners.  In addition, winners of these contests will have a chance to participate in Greetway art Enrichment Programs such as workshops and Seminars in the area of drawing and painting. Greetway will share children artwork in the form of Greeting Cards and Posters with rest of the world.

“Our Foundation and Ghazal Srinivas ​ motto  is to provide necessary basic infrastructure to few rural schools in India”, said Ramesh Vadali, CEO of Greetway Inc.
 “Soon we will open offices in New Delhi and Hyderabad to expand outreach operations in India” Jeremy Dawson mentioned in the press meet.
 Great Way campaign, the subject of the appointment of Srinivas dagajal California: Renowned ghazal singer, triple Guinness World Record holder promoter of peace to the world. Ghazal Srinivas major greeting card company in the United States of America Great Way (Greetway Inc) was appointed as the brand ambassador for the company. Ghazal Srinivas gritave the subject of the campaign, from 2015 to 2018, three years is the Great Way jermi head of marketing, said Dawson.  Drs. Ghazal Srinivas has also been the subject of promotional activities, traveled to 18 different countries sanvataramulalopu boys and girls, young Chitra writing contests, workshops, performances continue to bring up well-organized, their talent, increased as the bonds of friendship between different countries working on peace and goodwill.    Great Way (Greetway Inc) by the Foundation in India for the design of infrastructure in remote areas without schools. Ghazal Srinivas vadali Ramesh said the head of the organization that would work.  As a child of the girls competition, encouraging young people to cash prizes, said andacestarani training programs in different countries. Soon in India, Delhi, Hyderabad, jermi Dawson said that it is the beginning of offices in the cities.

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