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Bandook Platinum Disc Function


 Banduk "Platinum Celebration! "Anyone can contribute to cancer dabbulunnavaru bahubalilanti movies. But the "T bratukuporatam should know tiyalante banduklanti movies. Spicy existence, symbolizing the hearts of the enemies of the banduk explodes. Spicy film is intended to spark a cultural revolution in this film. In this image taken on a great responsibility towards the society in Telangana wants to achieve big success. All of these contribute to the image of the government will be ensured, "said the captain of the Ministry of Culture rasamayi balakisan Telangana state. Fully Telangana artists, engineers bibiesstudiyo Motion Pictures, the company produced the film under the banner of the pulp yugandharravu 'banduk'. Laxman Murari (Bobby) director. Srinivas country, vidyasagarravu, mithunreddi, moving madadi, krsnacaitanyajosi, correspondence, saherabhanu the main roles. On the 19th of this month 's comforting. Held in Hyderabad on Tuesday to mark the celebration of the success of Chitra audio platinum disc. Speaking on the occasion, yansankar 'good songs are gaining in popularity. Some think that only a limited look at the title of the film. All classes of people want begs the picture, "he said. Telangana, social life, this film was an attempt to establish, in the wake of the Telangana armed raitangaporatam siddhareddi Her writing the song was lucky, I think. The production values ​​of the film is well shot, Chitra industry is facing the problem of Telangana Telangana Film Chamber President rasamayi balakisan tisupotamani vijendarreddi attention by the chief said. The film is set in the Telangana state would help to ensure the promotion of youth sections Bonthu TRS leader said Ram Mohan. Laxman director Murari said the Telangana artists, engineers made the film. Odidodukulu had a lot of construction. The blessing of the people of Telangana, under the auspices of the Chief KCR preksakulamundukutisukostunnam film, "he said. Hazari Ramesh said, "He is our Chief kesiargaru bulletlanti six feet. T he community of immigrants from the height of the kits may be cittucestu. Kesiarlanti fearless leader vunnadane bharosatone nalugukotla lived a large minority of people of Telangana, "he said. This image was taken with the intention of having the people of Telangana that Sivakumar is expected to be a huge success. Yugandharravu pulp producer, said "the new age of Telangana will be introduced to the film industry, broke ground for the construction of the Chitra. "Your banduk remain inside. It does not come out that many bhayapettincaru. Yet nowhere terakekkincam rajipadakunda picture. Brahmaratham songs are audience. Breathless song received an amazing response. Spicy community want this begs the whole picture, "he said. Coupled with good tunes and meaningful lyrics of popular songs, the audience, the music director Karthik kodagandla pondutunnayani have expressed joy. Chitra crew members, who show off the hands of the guests received a platinum disc memos.

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