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Affair First look Launched by Dasari Narayana Rao


 Legendary director dadasari launch of the 'Affair' teaser !!     Kalisipotuntayi some English words in English with ease. Ardhamento English words are also difficult to mold. Although most people do not understand English well. One of them is 'Affair'. Tailor-step climb to the village elementary school teenager in the 'Affair' need to be told what it is. What 'Affair' we can understand the popularity of the word. The name of the fact that a film with such popularity, the head of the popular nirmatabhimavaram tummalapalli ramasatyanarayana talkies. Srirajan plays an important role in directing this film, Prasanthi, Geetanjali, Dhanraj, Rakesh, sayiraj, Shani salmon, turning Ramakrishna, green, Phani, play an important role Sampath. Upcoming work programs completed shooting and post production .. darsakaratna dadasari unveiled the teaser of the film .. Chitra unit offered his blessings. 'Affair' unit members (actors and technicians) took part in this event. Srirajan directed and produced his disciple ramasatyanarayana 'Affair', the Rao wished success. When the teaser .. definite hittavvadam darsakaratna khayamanipistondani said. Legendary director darsakaratna dadasari hand over their 'affair' to become a movie producer ramasatyanarayana the launch of the teaser, the director has expressed pleasure srirajan. The film editing: somessar pocam, camera: neuro pyarasani, diaivijuval effects: Raghu (mahanama), Dialogues: Anil sirimalla, Music: ravivarma local, Producer: tummalapalli ramasatyanarayana, kathaskinpledarsakatvam: srirajan !! "Affair" First Look Launch By Dr.Dasari Narayanarao

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