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Harshiv Karthik’s Suspense Drama Thriller Bahumukham Teaser Out Now

 Harshiv Karthik’s Suspense Drama Thriller Bahumukham Teaser Out Now

The young talent Harshiv Karthik has written, designed, produced, and directed the upcoming film Bahumukham, besides playing the lead role. The movie comes up with the tagline- Good, Bad & The Actor. This suspense drama thriller was filmed in multiple locations in Atlanta, Macon, Canton, and the surroundings of Georgia, and the USA. The makers began the film’s promotional activities recently by unveiling its first look poster which received a tremendous response. Today, they released the film’s teaser.

After spending his formative years in a detention center, Tanveer meets a psychotherapist Disha every month as a part of his mandatory counseling sessions. He seeks help from her to pursue his and his mother's dream to be an actor. However, he holds terrifying secrets that make him a threat to the people around him. The protagonist's dichotomy is what the story explores and presents to its audience in this suspenseful drama with thrilling reveals and unexpected twists and turns in the story.

Bahumukham is an apt title for the movie, judging by the teaser. The video shows the various shades of the protagonist and Harshiv Karthik is impressive in the lead role. He also handled the other departments, including writing and direction impeccably. Swarnima Singh and Maria Martynova played their parts notably.

Luke Fletcher’s cinematography and Sricharan Pakala’s background score are the biggest assets. Arvind Reddy is the co-producer of the movie made under the banner of Crystal Mountain Productions. Phani Kalyan is the music director of the movie for which dialogues are by Ramaswamy and Harshiv Karthik. The actor-director also takes care of editing alongside Garry BH.

The makers will announce the film’s release date soon.

Cast: Harshiv Karthik, Swarnima Singh, Maria Martynova

Technical Crew:

Written-Designed-Produced-Directed By: Harshiv Karthik

Co-Producer: Arvind Reddy

DOP: Luke Fletcher

Background Score: Sricharan Pakala

Music: Phani Kalyan

Dialogues: Ramaswamy and Harshiv Karthik

Editing: Garry BH and Harshiv Karthik

PRO: Vamsi-Shekar

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