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Ground Movie Review

 'Ground' is a unique  natural movie

Check out the Review of Ground Movie Starring Tejaswini Maragoni ,Harinath Raj,Nagaraj,Vasishta,Durga Bhavani ,Preethi,Bhoopathi,Gopichand. Directed and Produced by Suraj Tadi Under cinecode Studios Banner Bhaskar .A composed Music Vijay Gattu is writer for this film


 Ground is the Story Based on the boys playing cricket in the gully ground on Sundays who faced a problem with another group playing there.  what is that problem ? How it is solved forms the rest of the story 


In this segment we must appreciate all the actors being a new comers they have given their best 

Harinath Raj played a role as the captain of the cricket team acted well he has given his best Tejaswini Maragoni played a female lead she has delivered her best performance her expressions are good Nagaraj,Vasishta,Durga Bhavani ,Preethi,Bhoopathi,Gopichand and rest of the cast has done their best and Justified their Respective roles 

Technical Aspects 

In this segment we must appreciate producer and Director Suraj Tadi even though it's his First movie he has done his best within the small budget it looks like he never compromised on quality of the film Each and every Frame is so Rich and Grandeur Dialogues are perfect.Editing is crisp. Bhaskar Music is good and Bgm is added Asset Zaheer Bhasha's cinematography is top-notch 


On whole Ground is decent film those who like to play Gully Cricket on Sunday will connect to this film 

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3.25/5

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