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Siddharth Roy Trailer Released

 Deepak Saroj, V Yeshasvi, Shree Radha Damodar Studios and Vihaan & Vihin Creations’ Siddharth Roy Trailer Released

Popular child artist Deepak Saroj is making his debut as a hero with the upcoming love and intense emotional entertainer Siddharth Roy which marks the directorial debut of V Yeshasvi who worked under star directors like Harish Shankar and Vamshi Paidipally.  The film is produced jointly by Jaya Adapaka, Pradeep Pudi, and Sudhakar Boina under the banners of Shree Radha Damodar Studios and Vihaan & Vihin Creations. The makers managed to create enough buzz with youth-appealing promos. The teaser and song got superb responses. Today, they released the film’s theatrical trailer.

Siddharth Roy is a slice-of-life story where we get to see the protagonist from his childhood  to mid-20s. He is highly intelligent and emotionless at some phase of life. As some dramatic sequences unfold , he turns  into emotional, highly intense and arrogant. His intelligence and arrogant attitude become the biggest enemy of his life. As the person who doesn’t believe in love and emotions sets a philosophy that eat , sleep and sex are three basic needs which are sufficient to lead life. However , once he starts enjoying love and emotions, the conflict within himself results  in his downfall. At one stage, he even had to steal the food from beggars stooping him to the  lowest point of his life.

Director V Yeshasvi showed the journey of the youngster in a completely intense manner. Deepak Saroj is exceptional in the character that has multiple shades. He also appeared in various looks. Tanvi Negi played the leading lady in the movie. Sam K Naidu’s camera work is impressive, while Radhan’s background score is one of the biggest assets. Prawin Pudi is the editor of the movie.

The trailer promises that Siddharth Roy is an intense youthful entertainer with strong emotions. The makers have announced to release the movie in February.

Cast: Deepak Saroj, Tanvi Negi, Nadini, Anand, Kalyani Natarajan and Mathew Varghese

Technical Crew:

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: V Yeshasvi

Producers: Jaya Adapaka, Pradeep Pudi and Sudhakar Boina

Banners: Shree Radha Damodar Studios & Vihaan and Vihin Creations

Line Producer: B.Shyam Kumar

Director of Photography: Sam K Naidu

Co-Writers: Anwar Mohammad, Ludhir Byreddy

Music Director: Radhan

Editor: Prawin Pudi

Art: Chinna

Production Designer: Bala Soumithri

Action: Prithvi

Choreography: Sankar, Eshwar Penti

Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry, Balaji, Purna Chary and V Yeshasvi

PRO: Vamsi - Sekhar

Publicity Designer: Anil & Bhanu

VFX: Workflow Entertainments

Digital Promotions: Walls & Trends

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