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Vadhuvu Team press meet

 Every episode of "Vadhuvu" will impress the audience - Team at press meet

Leading OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar, which came up with Jhansi Season 2, Dead Pixels, Save The Tigers, Shaitan, Dayaa, Athidhi this year, is back with another intriguing series titled Vadhuvu. The streaming platform is impressing the patrons with new content. The upcoming web series Vadhuvu stars Avika Gor, Nandu and Ali Reza in key roles in this web series. This web series is produced by Srikanth Mohta and Mahendra Soni under SVF banner. This intriguing series is directed by Poluru Krishna.

"Vadhuvu" web series will be available for streaming from December 8. On this occasion, the web series team shared the highlights of "Vadhuvu" at a pre release press meet in Hyderabad.

Actor Nandu said - I was waiting for another interesting film after Sawari and Bomma Blockbuster and I got offer from hot star for Vadhuvu. Season 2 and Season 3 are also available in Bengali. None of you watched that series. Our "Vadhuvu" series is much better.. You are interested in why the members of a family are so different and so suspicious. Not only that, but "Vadhuvu" season 2 will be on an even bigger canvas. We enjoyed a lot while acting in this series. We used to talk about our characters for another two or three hours on the same set after the shoot. Hotstar is one of biggest OTT platform. I am happy that I got to act in lead roles. I'm doing another hotstar special series with the story of Prasanth Varma. Also, Avika and I are doing a film together in Bekkam Venugopal's production. There are some other interesting projects in the pipeline.

Actor Ali Reza said - One day I got a call for the "Vadhuvu". They asked for 30 days call sheets. At that time, I was shooting for Varun Tej's Operation Valentine. I am playing the character of an Air Force pilot in it. Beard and hair should be trimmed. I told the same thing to the hotstar. Meanwhile, the Operation Valentine shoot has been postponed for another two months. So I told Hotstar that I was ready for the character in "Vadhuvu". My character and performance in this series is very settled. The mood of the scene was already created when we went into the set. The atmosphere on the set was kept like that. "Vadhuvu" series will be a sure hit.

Director Poluru Krishna said - We have remade the Bengali web series Indu as "Vadhuvu". When I watched the original web series, I really liked the soul of the story. But we have designed the characters to suit our nativity. Our series is very different from the original. For this, our entire team has done perfect pre-production work. In the first episode, Avika gets married and comes to her in-laws. The real story starts from the second episode. We will also take the audience to Avika's in-laws. The series is so gripping. From the second episode to the 7th episode, the story is just as curious. Episode 7 is going to kick ass. Hope you enjoy the "Vadhuvu" series. Said.

Actress Roopa said - Thanks to director Poluru Krishna for giving me the opportunity to act in the web series "Vadhuvu". I always wanted to act under his direction. I was waiting to do a good character and gain recognition, and I got such a character with the web series "Vadhuvu". When a good character is found, every scene is challenging for the artiste. I read more books and observed people's behavior. That's how I learned how to look natural as an actress. Every character in this web series is suspect. You will be curious with the question, what will happen in the next scene? "Bride" web series will impress you all.

Editor Anil Kumar said - Working as an editor for "Vadhuvu" web series has given me a good experience. I worked as per the instructions of director Krishna. We edit according to the mood of the characters and the way they behave. I have edited this web series so that the narration pace reaches the audience well.

Music director Sriram Madduri said - I would like to thank our director and hotstar for giving me the opportunity to work for the web series "Vadhuvu". Makers roped good technicians for this series. The performance of the artists is also amazing. After watching their performance, I got inspired and made music. Musicians and singers all worked well. I believe you all will love Vadhuvu series on December 8th.

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